The Sleepless Night

Tonight is unfortunately one of those nights where my mind is so full of thoughts that I just cannot get to sleep. 2018 is starting off badly!!

Sometimes you just have to allow those busy bee thoughts. We can’t simply press delete on those unwanted and most likely annoying thoughts – although that would definitely be very helpful!

But what’s important about these sleepless nights, is not overthinking yourself into a state of panic or sadness, but giving yourself some time to relax and distract yourself whether that be to watch some telly, read your favourite book or doodle on a page – whatever it is that helps you relax / calm down.

Being awake when the rest of the world – or should I say country- is fast asleep can feel so lonely, without our minds adding fuel to the fire. It’s oh so easy to start believing those dark thoughts that like to inconveniently pop up when we could really do without. Just remember that they are merely thoughts, let them pass by as if you were choosing not to get on a train and instead, watch it pass through the station.

Pinterest is really useful for quotes, tips and such. I like to have a scroll when I’m struggling to get off to sleep, and the thing is sometimes you can just feel anxious / depressed and not know the reason, maybe there just isn’t a reason. They have lots of pins on various things. It really is an extremely useful app.

I have linked my account above where I have saved pins that I find useful, but of course you can also use the search bar to find pretty much anything you’d like.

Also, don’t be so hard on yourself for not being able to sleep. Think to yourself, it is what it is, accept it and try to do something else for 10 to 30 minutes. Worrying about the sleep you’re missing whilst tossing and turning in bed will only make matters worse after all and actually prolong the process!

Another thing that I find useful for these kind of nights is my Lavender Pillow Spray by Feather and Down – sold at Boots. It’s very light as a spray but very strong as a scent. I would personally recommend.

Anyway, this post is almost long enough to bore you in to dozing off!


Ciao for now.

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.