'A Penny For Your Thoughts'

As I drove home from a yoga class this evening, I started thinking about myself and the long way I’ve come from who I used to be (and yes still a long way to go) and for the first time in a long time I felt content with me, as in who I am.

Like many others do, I have struggled to accept me for me and see that I make mistakes but that doesn’t make me a worthless human being. I would definitely call myself an introvert but it’s only recently that I’ve realised that actually, that is okay. Being the quiet one in a room full of people has always bothered me, has made me feel quite useless and boring. If you see yourself as an introvert, I’m sure you’ve been told the old joke of ‘stop talking so much’ in those kinds of situations.

One thing my grandfather always used to say to me was ‘a penny for your thoughts’ and I never really took any notice of it but as I’ve grown older I appreciate and understand the saying and often remind myself of it when I get negative thoughts regarding my introverted personality.

Not being the life and soul of a party or a group of people can get you down if you let it. So what if you’re a very thoughtful person? So what if you need time to yourself every now and then? So what if you don’t always enjoy social situations. It really is okay. And it also is completely okay if you’re the opposite too and are extroverted!!

Being introverted or extroverted, or an extroverted introvert is what makes you, you (very cheesy indeed). If everyone was an extrovert, life would be boring. If everyone was an introvert, life would also be boring. You get my point!

It’s so important to accept you for you, and to learn to love and embrace it. Not everyone is necessarily going to like you but that is OK and is part of life. Embrace it all :).

Ciao for now.

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