7 Easy Self-Care Tips You Need To Know

Today’s post is all about self care. For the days when everything feels dull and hard to cope with. Or, just for taking some you time away from the stresses and business of life. We all have those days, so what better way to deal with them than to PROPERLY take care of yourself in the way that’s best for you.

Even on good days, taking care of ourselves never seems to be a priority or a thought that even crosses our minds. And, yes I do seem to mention it in almost every post but it really is very crucial and important.

Here are 7 simple self-care tips to inspire you:

  1. Do What Makes You Happy

Yes, I know I sound like a quote off a home decor sign but hear me out. Whether it’s reading a book, going to the gym, or seeing your friends. Anything that makes you feel any kind of positive is good for you. Self-care isn’t always long baths and spa days. It can be laughing with your friends or reading your favourite guilty pleasure magazine. The important thing is that you make the time and you prioritise your benefit.

2. Comfy Clothes

An obvious one, but yes, comfy clothes are SO underrated. If it’s been one of those days, I love to come home and change in to my comfiest clothes which, most often than not, involve pyjama bottoms and a dressing gown. You can never go wrong! If it’s one of those days right from the moment I wake up, I do make an effort to wear comfy (but still suitable for work) clothes if I have work on that day, because there’s nothing worse than tight uncomfortable clothes.

3. Blankets, Fairy Lights and Candles

Once I’ve changed in to comfy clothes, I then snuggle up somewhere comfy with some blankets (my dogs too) and then I like to put on some candles and gentle lighting e.g fairy lights or little lamps. One lamp I’d recommend is the himalayan salt rock lamp. You can get them on Amazon. They have many benefits, and are generally aesthetically pleasing – what’s more to like?

4. Herbal Tea’s

Herbal tea’s are another favourite of mine, there is such a variety of different flavours, if you’re a hater of green tea, I’m sure you could find a flavoured one to your taste. My all time favourite has got to be Chamomile tea. Not only does it taste nice, but it’s soothing and is said to help PMS, and fight anxiety and depression. Give it a try, trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Or there’s always the classic cup of tea accompanied by some biscuits of your choice (you can never go wrong with a good old rich tea biscuit)!

5. Lighthearted / Funny / Animation Films

Whenever my brain feels like mush or I simply don’t have the energy to concentrate, I like to watch films from my childhood or any other favourites that I know won’t require much focus. Of course it can be a TV programme / film of your choice but there’s just something about the comfort nostalgia brings.

6. To Do Lists

Any chores or tasks I have to do in any given day I will write it all down to get a visual of what it is that I have to do in that day. It sounds silly I know, but writing it out on a bit of paper almost always makes me realise that really, my brain was overdoing it and there’s not all that much that I need to get done! In other words, it is a major stress reliever. If completing all of those tasks still feels impossible, prioritise the one that you know you’ll feel better for getting done.

7. Avoid Social Media

Now when I say ‘avoid social media’, I don’t mean completely isolate yourself from everyone, just be careful. Sometimes it can do more harm than good, especially on days when you’re feeling down because you sit and scroll through Instagram comparing yourself to all these other people who appear to lead a happy and perfect life, and whilst they may be happy nobody’s life is ever perfect, just like yours and mine isn’t. Keep that in mind!

Lastly, just allow those days to happen. If you need to have a slow day, have one, give yourself a day or however long, to switch the off button and just chill – easier said than done I know, but try your best to do the things that are relaxing for you.

Ciao for now :).

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