What's The Worst That Could Happen?

Since starting a blog, I truly feel like I’ve been putting myself out there, and that is SCARY for me. Considering this time last year I was terrified of what others thought of me, posting this blog for anyone and everyone to see is a big step!

Whilst having a discussion with my soon to be brother in law regarding my worries about the blog, he turned around and said ‘but what’s the worst that could happen?’.

And yes, I’ve heard this saying before, but today I gave meaning to it. What is the worst that could happen? People won’t like my posts. That is it! But (hopefully) some will.

When challenges arise in life, simply ask yourself what is the worst that could happen if you take that new job, or go to that social gathering, or put yourself out there? Anxiety can convince you that yes there’s a lot that could happen, such as embarrassing yourself. But just remember how irrelevant anxiety’s words are.

I actually watched a video recently by Will Smith on failure. And it gave me so much inspiration and motivation. He stated that failure is a part of life and that it is necessary for success. So yes, worst case scenario it may not go at all the way you’d like. Maybe not necessarily classed as failure but lessons to be learned, whether it’s the way you felt, what you said, or how you acted. It all comes as a lesson learnt.

What’s most important is your happiness. As long as you aspirations aren’t intent on hurting others, you’re just as worthy as accomplishing them as anyone else is.

Do what you enjoy. Don’t fear what other people think, because the truth is, people will always have their opinions of you and what you do. Those who mind, DO NOT matter!! You do you, for you and nobody else :).

Ciao for now.

P.s shout out to James for this posts’ inspo!!

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