Cosy, Cwtchy, Catch Up, Sundays

Feeling content this afternoon, sat on the sofa with a mug of chamomile tea, fluffy socks on and joggers, catching up on the soaps with my three legged dog beside me!

I’ve had a productive morning of getting all my to do’s done and so have the rest of the day to chill and relax. There’s nothing more that I love than a relaxing and pampering Sunday to recharge, before the week (for me) begins again tomorrow.

I think Sunday’s are seen as the (second) most dreaded day of the week because it’s the day before Monday and we ALL hate Mondays, am I right? Maybe your Sunday is filled with getting all different chores sorted and that’s what makes it so dreadful. Why not add in some fun breaks such as watching telly, reading your favourite book, or chatting to a friend, to make it a little less daunting?

One tip I’d give is to get the most niggling and difficult task done at the start of the day to get it out of the way, and then it won’t be stuck bothering you all day long. Prioritise your to do’s, put the things that need to be done asap at the top of the list, to save the last minute, Sunday night panic.

If you work Sundays, pick out a day in the week (a day when you’re not working / busy) to get your tasks done along with lots of you time, because we all need to recharge, more frequently than we realise. Pluck your brows, shave, get your tan on – whatever it is that makes you feel good, do it before the week begins again. Start the new week feeling fresh and good about yourself, ready for anything!

Make yourself a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or all 3! Spend some time with the people closest to you, or have a bit of alone time. Do your favourite thing, whatever puts a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your tummy. Just do it because why not.

Enjoy your Sunday even if your Sunday falls on a Wednesday!

And please do note, my Sunday hasn’t gone as smoothly as I’ve made out, I woke up way later than I was suppose to, got drenched in the rain, and have had stomach pains more or less all day!! I live a far from perfect life and that is ooooook. 🙂

Ciao for now.

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.