Write It Out To Get It Out..

The power of writing. Today, I want to talk all about writing. I have always been one to enjoy writing and so it’s a given that I am constantly writing and journaling. And yes, you’re probably thinking of course I’m gonna be writing about writing because I write?! But writing is SUCH an underrated form of outlet.

To be honest, I don’t journal my events of every single day, because I personally find it boring, but if I’m either having a really emotion filled day (both good or bad) I will always write it down just to physically get it out. I do talk with my family and friends too, but there’s something about writing it out however it comes out, whether it’s random words or sentences, and being able to be completely honest.

If this is something new and strange to you, you can always throw the piece of paper away after, or burn it as another physical way of getting rid of the emotions (be very careful though of course!). No one else has to see it, or read it or even know about it.

You can write about anything you’d like. If it’s been a stressful day, if it’s been a happy day, if it’s been a teary day, if it’s been a day you want to remember forever – write it out to get it out!

Technology is always available. If you aren’t a fan of physically writing, you can always type it out on your laptop, phone, tablet or whatever. There are also apps available such as ‘Personal Diary App’ which allow you to put in the weather and your mood of that day.

Anyway, to get to the point. Writing it out to get it out really makes you aware of your feelings and is healthy. It’s healthy to look at and allow all kinds of feelings and emotions that we experience. Living day to day life ignoring how we are feeling and not taking care of ourselves will catch up to us in the end, and not in a good way.

If you’re sat there thinking, but how the hell is this going to benefit me? Here’s how –

  • Helps you to prioritise fears, concerns and problems.

  • Able’s you to identify triggers and how to control them e.g triggers that make instantly make you feel overwhelmed.

  • Helps identify negative thoughts and behaviours.

  • Encourages positive self talk.

  • It’s YOURS and therefore there’s no pressure to follow a structure, as it’s entirely private.

  • Able’s you to unwind before going to bed and avoid your thoughts going wild as soon as you put head to pillow.

  • Reduce stress and manage anxiety.

Writing has helped me realise what helps when I’m having a s**t day and what helps in my day to day routine to help it run as smoothly as possible. It doesn’t mean you have to sit every single night and write an essay on how you’re feeling. It could be as simple as thoughts thrown on a page that maybe don’t make much sense, it’s just the idea of letting it all out.

Give it a try at least once and see what you think. It really is a lot more useful than you’d think. I hope this is helpful.

Ciao for now.

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.