Relaxing Night Time Routine

You’d be surprised at how much a nightly routine can affect your sleep for the better. Even just 5 minutes of relaxation before you go to sleep. For me personally, I struggle to put my head to pillow and fall asleep just like that. I’ve found that I need lots of down time to unwind mentally and physically. Truth be told, sometimes I’m so tired that I really can’t be bothered, but I know how much it helps me.

Sleep Tea

I highly recommend finding a good brand of sleep tea if possible or chamomile tea as it’s known to be good for sleep. For chamomile tea, I buy shops own brand and find it works just as good as the branded price, and I save money so win-win. I love snuggling up with a blanket and a cup of tea.

Setting A Calm Atmosphere

Wherever it is that you choose to unwind and relax, make sure the room as a whole is peaceful. I find that warmer lighting such as fairy lights works for me, rather than the ceiling light. I know it sounds really simple, but the darker lighting will help prepare you for some unwinding time.


Yes, you’re probably sick to death of the word if you’ve read my other posts! Anyhow, I do try my best to write something down each night, whether it’s something that has frustrated me in the day, something that made me really happy, whatever it is I get as much out as possible. I feel like this just helps my brain and stops it doing the classic of going round and round with thoughts, and things that happened during the day. Try it and see.

Goodbye Technology

Not forever! Just 10-5 minutes at least before you go to bed. Honestly try it and see. My sleep is always affected SO much more if I’m scrolling through my phone seconds before I decide to go to sleep. It’s a vicious cycle because if you can’t sleep that’s the first thing you do because you’re bored, but trust me, it makes such a massive difference to the quality of your sleep, sounds silly I know!


I cannot even show my appreciation for lavender enough! Researchers have found that lavender can increase slow-wave sleep, which is a deep slumber in which the heartbeat slows and the muscles relax. One brand I’ve been very much loving is Feather and Down. I use their pillow spray on the nights that I struggle to sleep and it’s incredible.

‘Me Time’

What better time for some you time? It’s a chance for you to have some relaxing and self care time which is also going to benefit your sleeping. Whether it’s listening to some music, reading a book, or watching a show, it’s YOU time so all about you.

Bath / Shower Before Bed

I don’t have a bath or shower right before bed every single night, but if I get the chance I will. You can get lavender scented bubble baths which work wonders, especially when it’s been one of those days. After a relaxing bubble bath, I like to use some lavender scented moisturiser which is amazing because of course, the smell lingers so is perfect if using right before bed. Anyway, shower or bath, whichever picks your fancy, have one every now and then right before bed time. It’s relaxing and counts as ‘me time’ and gets you clean!

Side note – I am not saying these are the ONLY ways for a relaxing night routine, this is what works for me and if it works for someone else then great! 🙂

Ciao for now.

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