Morning Routine To Beat Those Monday Blues..

Number one, wake up EARLY. I know it’s the last thing you want to do after a weekend filled with lie ins but trust me! You’ll have more time to get ready and be able to take the morning slow rather than waking up late in a panic and having to rush out of the house still half asleep.

I can’t stress how much better my mood is on a (very much dreaded) Monday if I pull my sleepy self out of bed earlier and take the morning slow.

Water first, then coffee. Who the hell does this?? You’ll thank me later. As much as I love coffee if it’s the first thing I drink minutes after I’ve rolled out of bed, I haven’t given my body any chance to wake up on it’s own and I end up dependant on it ALL day long.

Leave some time for at least 5 minutes of relaxation. Ideally more would be great but everyone has different schedules, some are busier than others, so whatever you can fit in. Leave yourself some time to sit down and do nothing, do some reading, whatever you like. Breakfast doesn’t count in this slot as it’s one of the most important meals of the day!! Although I really can’t be bothered with breakfast, ever, my grandma would kill me if she found out, so I’d rather force some food down me!

Put some effort in to your appearance. This varies for everyone of course. If your appearance affects your confidence then obviously do put that little bit of effort in, if not, there’s no need. The important thing is, whatever makes you feel good, DO IT. Mondays are horrible so just do whatever is gonna make you feel that little bit better for the day.

Get ready to some upbeat music. This definitely makes the difference between a moody Gwen and a happy Gwen… especially on a Monday morning! Put on your favourite music or radio station whilst you get ready and let loose for a little bit, and try and forget that it’s a Monday morning…

Any bad feelings you have, write them out on a piece of paper and assess them. Is there anything you could do to help solve one or more of them? Write it out so it’s out of your head, and onto paper. Or talk it out with someone if you like (and if they’re awake!).

And if you still don’t feel 100% after all of these steps, that is OK. The important thing is that you practised self-care and took some time for YOU.

Happy Monday….

Ciao for now.

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.