Mental Health.

Everybody’s mental health is important whether they suffer from illnesses or not. Every single persons’ mental health matters so much, and it’s crucial to constantly work on keeping it healthy.

We all feel scared sometimes and we can all feel extremely happy sometimes. We all experience the same feelings, some more than others. Thoughts and feelings are so hard to control, and every now and then they can really overwhelm us.

We all have our own struggles and battles in life. Therefore, whenever you feel like you’re on your own, you really aren’t. There are so many people who struggle just like you.

Only this morning I completely worked myself up with anxiety because I was scared about talking to any other colleagues in case I said the wrong thing or embarrassed myself (and this is a job that I’ve been working in for months and months!), which now I can see is quite ridiculous but in that moment in time it was a huge deal. Also, the difference is, I’m now in the comfort of my own home so it’s easy to look back and say I was being ridiculous.

Every thought that goes through your mind and feeling that you experience matters. It matters that you deal with it in the correct way, for example this morning there would’ve been no point in me telling myself that this had happened before or running through all the horrible possibilities, what good would that have done? But a few months ago it would’ve been the first thing I’d have done without hesitation.

You and your mind deserve to be treated kindly, I know it’s “only my brain” but it can have so much power over you if you don’t learn to feed good things in to it. Of course this doesn’t eliminate any bad thoughts or feelings from appearing ever again.

Yesterday I watched an hour long documentary on a stand up comedian who suffers from shyness. I shall link it in this post. It really is worth a watch. Funnily enough, I actually felt so much better knowing that other people struggle with shyness, just like myself, and somehow it makes you realise that you’re not weird for feeling the way you do in certain situations.

What can be part of someones day to day life can be a huge struggle for another person. We are all different, yet we all struggle sometimes. If we could only stop comparing ourselves to others, and start appreciating how far we’ve come on our own individual journey, and the little things that we at times really struggle to do, yet do them, no matter how big or small.

My point is, whether you suffer from a mental illness or not, we all struggle and can relate to each other from time to time. Having a mental illness doesn’t make you abnormal, and not having one doesn’t make your mental health any less important.

With the power of social media nowadays, we can all strive to help each other and be there for one another. Life can be difficult sometimes, I just think that everyone deserves love and to be treated with kindness at the end of the day.

Don’t get me wrong fighting a mental illness is hard. I find myself fighting it daily, just like thousands of other humans, and having to keep up ‘routines’ just to stay sane and that’s okay! It can’t be solved at the click of a finger, but mental illness or not we can ALL help and inspire each other even in the smallest of ways.

Look after yourself and the people around you.

Ciao for now!

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.