February is either known to you as the short month, the pancake month, the love month, or just another month in the year!

As Valentines Day is approaching, I want to talk about love. No, not my boyfriend. And not being in love. Love as a word and it’s different meanings.

It seems we’re happy to give love to those in our life whether it’s friends, family, lovers or pets (if your dog is your bff like mine!!). It’s a given that we help and support those people and always show loving care, yet when it comes to ourselves, it’s simply not the norm to even consider being kind and loving to ourselves.

Life can be tough enough without us being unkind to ourselves. We all deserve love and that must come from within before it comes from anyone else.

This doesn’t mean ditching everyone else in your life, it means sharing some of that love, that you give without a second thought to people in need, to yourself and your mind.

One thing I’ve found that’s held me back from feeling worthy of love (self love) is mistakes I’ve made in the past. They can have such a hold on you if you let them. But the thing is, no matter how ashamed you feel of yourself for the things that have happened, they’re in the past. We must accept the consequences and forgive ourselves. Everyone messes up, but working on changing yourself to avoid making the same mistakes is what matters.

There’s no point living your life being ‘stuck in the past’ because you leave no time for the present you. In order to leave the past in the past we must work on our present selves with LOVE and kindness.

As you know yourself, some days are better and easier than others. The same goes for how important it is to give ourself love and care on the days we need it most. Stop being so hard on yourself, nobody’s perfect and your life may not feel perfect right now but that’s OKAY. It really is. You still deserve loving kindness.

Whatever makes you happy, do it and do it often, as long as you aren’t intentionally hurting anyone else. Wear the clothes that make you feel good, go to your favourite places, and surround yourself with positive and supportive energy when possible.

I’ve mentioned this a few times in past posts, but Will SMITH. His short clip on failure is amazing. He basically stresses the importance of embracing failure and how it builds you as a person. Success comes from lots of failure. He words it better, take a look –

Whether you’re with someone or not this Valentine’s Day, try something new and give yourself all the love and kindness that you’d give to your best friend. You really do deserve it and so much more.

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.