Why You Deserve To Love and Accept Yourself..

So this morning, I joined the #NaturalGirls2018 hype that was circling on Twitter and posted 2 selfies of me make up free, spotty and red. Not because I never wear make up and am confident with my natural self, quite the opposite actually. But I pushed myself to do it, because my ambitions right now are to inspire people in anyway I can. Yes, I know it’s not exactly anything majorly brave to brag about!

And no, I don’t have a nightmare skin story to tell, nevertheless I absolutely hate it. I feel ugly and horrible as my natural self, and have been told many a time that I look 12 years old on days that I’ve been brave enough to go make up free!! I’m 18 for pete’s sake!

Anyway, long story short. This inspired today’s post. It made me question why can’t I be proud of my imperfections? This is how I was born, and I certainly don’t frown upon wearing make up, but I think it’s important to love and accept my appearance whether I’m glammed up or not.

If you’re similar to my silly self, take note!

First of all, you are unique and an individual and that’s what makes you special. Basically you’re limited edition okay.

Your quirks and so called flaws are what makes you, you. You deserve to be kind and loving and all things nice to yourself and that includes your mental well-being, your physical well-being, and your appearance.

You have got NOTHING to be ashamed of. Don’t even come up with that one. You deserve to feel as beautiful and confident as you want to.

Those people who you think are freaked by you make up free, are in a world of their own thinking of their own lives and problems, and are not contemplating how vile you look and thinking you should be covering your face up. You don’t know what those people are thinking so stop assuming it’s something negative about you (easier said than done, but practise practise practise).

You’ve overcome great challenges in life and are capable of overcoming many more. You are worthy of a happy and peaceful life, and that has to start with you accepting and wholly loving you for you. The whole package!

And lastly, why do you deserve to love and accept yourself? Because you do, period. This is who you are and it’s perfectly okay (as long as the inside is good too!) so stop hating yourself, and start giving yourself even the tiniest bit of love every single day. Take each day at a time. And be KIND to yourself!!

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.