The Kind Of Days I'd Rather Not Tell You About.

Knots in my tummy and thoughts racing through my head. These are the kind of days that I hate. As I’m sure you know yourself, feeling out of control is not fun in the slightest.

These are the kind of days I’d rather keep hidden and not share with you reading this. I’d prefer not to write hundreds of words on the kind of day like today, because I’d rather cuddle up in my bed and hide from the world than accept it for what it is.

The truth is, this blog is about being open and honest and that includes sharing the days that are difficult and ugly. Despite trying to be positive and motivational, sometimes I too have days where I feel anxious and fearful and that’s okay.

I wanted to post this to show that, we all have these kinds of days. Life isn’t perfect to any of us, and sometimes it’s hard to push through and remain 100% positive throughout.

So how am I going to get through today? I am going to take it slow, drink lots of cups of tea, both herbal and normal. I am going to snuggle up in a blanket on the sofa whilst watching my favourite films and tv shows. I am going to accept that today is quite possibly one of those days where I won’t be able to get much done and that’s entirely okay. The important thing is to be open and honest with those around me rather than bottling it all up and expecting them to know what’s going on.

I am going to reach out if I need to. I am going to practise lots and lots of SELF CARE. Because that is what I need a lot of today.

Finally, I am not going to beat myself up and get angry at myself for feeling like this. I am going to focus on getting through the day and doing all that I can to make it a little bit better.

If today is one of those days for you too, look after yourself and shower yourself with lots of self love and self care. Know that you will get through today no matter how tough it feels. Know that you’re never ever alone, or a “weirdo” or whatever else your less useful thoughts decide to tell you. You are not a failure. Today is one of those days and that is completely okay. Taking care of yourself today is what is priority on your to-do list.

Struggling is okay. Feeling down is okay. Feeling anxious is okay. It’s OKAY to feel whatever you feel today, it doesn’t make you any less of a human being.

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.