7 Tips For An After Work / School / Busy Day Routine

I’ve stated this before, but starting up routines is so so so beneficial. Why set up any kind of a routine you may be thinking?

Here are a few little facts…

  • Following a routine daily enables us to reduce the need to make decisions (which I am the worst at)

  • We pick up good habits when we design a personal routine that works for us. Remember when we were children and had a set bedtime, meal time, etc? By adjusting to a new routine, we can start to foster habits that match our aspirations.

  • We can also get rid of bad habits, win-win hey.

  • Reduces procrastination.

  • Allows us to feel more in control.

So let’s get to the tips.

1. Make a cup of tea (whichever you prefer), a coffee (if it’s not gonna keep you from sleeping later!!), or just a refreshing drink

2. Take 30 minutes of your time to do something “easy” aka that doesn’t require much concentration

3. Get something done, anything that needs to get done, do it before you really can’t be bothered!

4. Make sure to fit in some you time, whatever it is that helps you de-stress or relieve tension. DO IT. 🙂

5. Dinner! I am definitely a fan of super noodles (because they cook super fast..). But, having a proper meal is so important, and as much as I hate to admit it I most certainly feel less sluggish after eating proper food. Plus, health.

6. Socialise, even if it’s only for a little while. Speak to the people you live with or call a friend or family member to have a quick chat.

7. This basically coincides with point #6. Don’t isolate yourself in your room all night long. There’s self care and then there’s isolating yourself! Learn the difference because the latter can quickly turn into an unhealthy habit.

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.