10 Simple Tips : How To Get Psyched About Life When You've Lost Motivation.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly go through spells of feeling happy and excited about life and spells of feeling demotivated, gloomy and all ‘what’s the point?’.

The truth is, we’re not going to be positive Polly 24/7, or feel joyous about our lives every single day of the year. Life is an up and down journey (so they say) and it wouldn’t be healthy to be in a constant cycle of either or.

However there are little things that you can do to get that little buzz even when you’re feeling demotivated. It’s not to say that the buzz will solve all of your problems, but it WILL make life that little more bearable.

So, here’s my advice (take it or leave it…..) –

1. Plan something exciting. A drive to a coffee shop or a trip to Italy. Whatever is doable, do it.

2. Use every opportunity life gives to your advantage. Yes it might feel terrifying. Yes you may feel like you aren’t capable. BUT, you never truly know until you try. Even if you “fail” you will have succeeded in learning a lesson, I promise.

3. Tell yourself you’re excited about an event that’s making you feel anxious. Ridiculous I know, but it can work. Use the energy to think of the positives.

4. Practise changing your attitude towards dreaded tasks such as tidying up, doing the dishes, school work and etc. Remember how much better you’ll feel when you’ve tidied up. Focus on how doing this school work is going to help your future.

5. Appreciate what you have whilst you have it. Whatever it is – love and nurture it, avoid thinking about ‘when’ it’s going to go away.

6. Go on spontaneous drives or walks when possible. Even if you have nowhere to go.

7. Get to know yourself. Spend some time alone and find out what makes your heart race – the good kind of course.

8. Write down a goal monthly, and use that month to fully work towards it. Start off small. Be realistic.

9. Be happy for people when they succeed. Don’t let jealousy take over. React positively despite your mind wanting to hate – that’s the jealousy talking!!

10. Don’t save materialistic things for ‘special occasions’. Pretend every single day is a special occasion. Make the most of your time here.

Hope you’ve been able to take something from this!

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.