It's Okay To Feel Uncertain.

First things first, sorry for the lack of posts! Life has been busy and yes I could’ve found time somewhere but I didn’t. Anyway..

Today I wanted to discuss basically what is my current situation in life. Same as always, I’m hoping that someone can relate and take something from it.

I remember, as a kid, I had it all sussed. I wanted to become a hairdresser and move to Australia. As simple as that.

I still want to move to Australia but the hairdresser thing isn’t so strong anymore – you’d only have to look at my hair to know why!

As I’ve grown up, I feel like I’ve weaved in and out of these different career paths. I’ve been really passionate about something and determined to pursue it as a career and then it’s faded and I’ve found something else.

I find it highly frustrating, because I just want to know what I want to do!!

As I’ve mentioned before, I chose not to go to Uni after finishing my A levels as I wasn’t feeling 100% certain about anything. Social media being social media portrays, those I went to school with in University, with their whole lives figured out and having the best time.

I’m not necessarily doing what I want to do forever right now, but I’m gaining experiencing and growing my self-confidence. I’ve been able to mature and better myself through my experiences at my job over the past few months.

I think it’s important to know that it IS going to be okay. Whether you’re 16, 30 or 55, it’s OKAY to feel uncertain. Sometimes it’s okay to not try and control every single aspect of our lives. It’s okay to change our minds in regards to our future, no matter what age we’re at.

We all have our whole lives ahead of us. We have time!! Even if you aren’t where you want to be yet, whether you’re stuck studying, in a job you don’t enjoy or live in a place you don’t like, I promise you it’s helping you grow and develop.

It is frustrating at times, especially when others seem to have it sussed from the get go, but it’s also important to note that all is never as it seems.

Nothing is ever wasted, every single thing we do helps prepare us for what’s to come in the future.

Hope this has made sense and that you’ve been able to take something from it.

Ciao for now x

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