Encourage, Support and Empower Other Women.

(My great-auntie who has the loveliest soul and inspires me the most)

This post was sadly inspired by part of the front cover of Reveal magazine. This included an off-guarded image of Gemma Collins with the words ‘Loved-up Gemma Ditches Her Diet’.

It firstly made me extremely angry and then sad. What kind of example does this set younger women? Why are we constantly on the prowl to find flaws in other women?

Women come in all different shapes and sizes, just like men. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY has the right to decide which type is what we should all look like. We are all so very unique, and our weight, height and shape don’t solely define us as human beings.

Use your voice, your power, your influence, to empower another woman, NOT tear her down. I spent a good two years isolating myself because I thought that, mainly other women were out to get me, when they weren’t, but only now do I realise that.

From past experiences and stereotypical behaviours of the bitchy kind, I’ve found myself fearing other women and hating some purely out of jealousy and insecurities of my own. Only over the past year, have I realised how wrong that is.

Befriend other women, if she inspires you, tell her. Support every single woman around you, friend or stranger, even if you don’t particularly get along with each other.

Use your words and your actions positively. Let’s cut the stereotypical bitchiness and stop fearing other women, you can make a difference by approaching them kindly, a compliment, a smile.

Also, can we stop this whole idea that we as women, are in a competition with each other? Jealousy is vicious, not only to others but to yourself. Stop comparing yourself and getting angry at another woman for possessing a quality you may not currently have, and let yourself be inspired by them.

You are unique and incredible, yourself.

We can’t begin to class ourselves as feminists, if we’re intent on tearing other people down and think it’s okay.

We aren’t going to get along or agree with every person we come across and that’s okay, I just want to stress the importance of cutting out all of this bitchiness that mostly exists in the Media, but also in daily life surrounding women.

Some of us are sensitive, some of us are hard-faced, some of us are shy, some of us are confident, some of us are loud, some of us are quiet, some of us are outgoing, some of us are introverted – and it’s all OKAY! That’s what makes us, us.

No amount of wealth, glamour or success makes any of us better than the next woman, what truly matters is how we treat each other. We are all equals just trying to make it in this life. Let’s cut out the pressures, expectations and stereotypes. Let’s be who we are and appreciate other women for who they are.

Why have I written this post aimed solely at women, you may ask. Through personal experience, I’ve always felt more intimidated by other women, through fault of my own sometimes, and have experienced a lot more bitchiness from other women than I have men.

May we all empower and inspire each other!

‘We rise by lifting others.’

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.