Do It Because It Makes You Happy and Then Make Other People Happy.

The video above is of a man I happened to pass on Penarth Pier yesterday. He was stood by the entrance to the Pier, with his guitar, singing some songs and next to him stood an elderly gentleman who was enjoying the moment and dancing to the rhythm.

Please note, this guy wasn’t busking, he was simply singing some songs and playing the guitar because it made him happy.

The thing is, yes it brought him lots of happiness, but it also made those around him – the passer-by’s, the local sweet shop owner – smile. It brought joy to those around him, including myself.

I curse myself now for not getting his name! Approaching him to ask if I could record him singing was big enough for my socially awkward self.

He didn’t have a care in the world, he lived in the moment, appreciating the there and then, and about bringing a smile to someone else’s face.

I find that it’s unusual for people to communicate with those physically around them, yet something as small as music brought them together which I think is incredible.

Most importantly, here are the lessons this lovely gentleman taught me within just five minutes. Thank you also to that gentleman, for making me smile, for giving me something positive to write about and for inspiring me.

1. Communicate with people when you’re out and about. Even if it’s only for a short while. Positive interaction is both good for the mind and soul.

2. They say that the older you get, the wiser you get. I swear older people have the most fun and smile the biggest and I truly believe that’s from LIVING! Before the time of technology, they lived in the moment and treasured every second.

3. Do what makes you happy and you will most probably make someone else smile – the biggest achievement.

4. Be the wolf. Stand out from the crowd without fear of judgement or rejection. This life is short and your happiness matters.

5. Engage with positive souls. Even when it makes you feel 100 miles away from your comfort zone if you’re anything like myself.

Lastly, people like this gent, keep people sane. In a world filled with such negativity and tragedy, humans like himself bring rays and rays of sunshine into the world – even if it’s only for those present on Penarth Pier!!

I would love for this post to find the gentleman above. He really made me smile and warmed my soul. Please share this post SOLELY for that reason. I’d love for him to see how much his small doing can positively effect those around.

Ciao for now x

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