Are You Bikini Body Ready?

No? You can’t wear a bikini then. Summer is over for you and it hasn’t even begun.

As if…

I am sick of having to be “bikini body ready” to enjoy the sunshine. What does is even mean to be bikini body ready, honestly??

Does it even really exist? I don’t believe so.

Stop with the expectations that put unnecessary pressures on both women and men. The so-called bikini body ready body isn’t one kind. It comes in all heights, shapes and weights.

If you have a bikini / swimwear, you ARE bikini body ready. If the sun is shining, dress for it. Don’t layer yourself up to spend the day unnecessarily sweaty and uncomfortable.

There is nothing wrong with how you look. Despite what your mind decides to convince you with, nobody notices the things you are most self-conscious of.

Just because you don’t resemble Ashley Graham or Bella Hadid doesn’t mean you aren’t bikini body ready. This body is yours forever. You deserve to love and treasure it even if you haven’t reached your goals yet.

I’m aware that these issues can affect men too and so it’s important to note that there isn’t one type of body type that’s deemed acceptable to have out on the beach or near the poolside. Muscles or not, lean or not, you too deserve to enjoy the sunshine. Those who judge are the ones who are actually insecure about themselves.

Life is way too short to be self-conscious and feel uncomfortable whenever you need to wear clothes that show more skin. Easier said than done right? I truly do wish it was as simple as that, but life really is too short. If you live in the UK, the weather is too rare to not fully enjoy it.

Go out, wear what you want to wear, eat what you want to eat and remind yourself that it doesn’t matter, you’re lovely as you are, today. Enjoy the rays on your skin when you can. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Whether you’ve been working out or not, eating healthily or not, you’re bikini body ready. All of us are. As they say, put on some swimwear and you’re officially bikini body ready!

If you don’t feel wearing a bikini that’s okay too, but make sure it’s YOUR decision and not your insecurities.

Our minds love to exaggerate and predict the future or events in the future before they’ve even happened. Think to yourself, when has your mind EVER predicted the future or event correctly? Never!!

Our imaginations like to come up with various situations, negative ones of course and tries to convince us that it’s correctly predicting the future.

So forget about being bikini body ready, because you already are. You have a bikini and you have a body – you’re bikini body ready.

Cellulite, fat and scars don’t define who we are, no matter how much or little. We are all so very beautiful and unique. This is your body, it’s incredible, just like you.

We DESERVE to love who we are both inside and out, even if we’re working on adjusting either or both of those things.

Please don’t let this illusion of being bikini body ready, stop you from enjoying the Summer heat and feeling comfortable too.

Nine times out of ten, the people who you think are looking at you in disgust are actually admiring something about you. REMEMBER THAT!

Enjoy your Summer!

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.