Manchester : A Year On.

A year ago, 22 precious and innocent souls were taken, 120 souls injured and thousands traumatised for life.

I remember waking up to the shocking and horrific news at 6 am. Fans of Ariana Grande and guardians of those would’ve never imagined such a tragic turn of events.

What amazes me the most is those who witnessed the event. They are so incredibly brave and strong to carry on living their lives as they do, and so they should.

A terrible event could so easily define you if you let it, but the victims of the event have done the complete opposite. They’ve come together and united, to show that despite everything, they will not be forced to hide away for the rest of their lives.

The lives taken and the lives affected will NOT be forgotten, even when a year has passed.

Yesterday, exactly a year on, hundreds gathered in the city of Manchester as a tribute. Their willingness to come together and not let a life-changing event stop them or define them is wonderful. May we all take a life lesson from the Mancunians.

The truth is nobody ever, expects to go to a concert and fall witness to a bombing, or to not make it home even. The act committed was vile and has ruined many souls.

So here’s to the victims of the Manchester Arena attack. You are brave, inspiring and incredible. To go through something so horrible and soul-destroying and come out the other side is phenomenal.

My heart bleeds for those who had lives taken from them for no good reason. I can’t imagine the pain and torture they are going through. May they find peace one day.

To those beautiful souls taken, you remain in the hearts of not only those close to you, but the rest of the world, forever. May you rest peacefully.

One love.

Ciao for now x

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