Push Through The Doubts, Especially When They Come From Yourself.

Doubts. One negative thought I wish I could permanently delete from my brain. Doubts kill dreams, passion and happiness. Only if you let it.

You’ll have many different goals, dreams, aspirations – whatever you want to call them, in life. Life would be plain boring if there wasn’t something we had to chase after and get up in the morning for.

Some goals are bigger than others, bigger in the sense that they are possibly harder to achieve and bigger in the sense that you want to achieve it the most.

Nevertheless, I truly believe, if it’s meant to be it’ll be. Of course this coincides with hard work and dedication. Nothing is planted on this earth ready for us to take and be done with. We are given opportunities, set-backs and so on purposely to help us on our path.

We can’t control what happens or the consequences of our actions but what we can control is what we choose to do in our lifetime. We can control the chances we take, the people we choose to converse with and the opportunities we choose to take. Note the word ‘choose’.

The more determined you are to push through the bits where life doesn’t give anything for you to work on, the better. Sometimes we have to do with what we have. Making the best of every situation or opportunity.

As they say, nothing worthwhile comes easy. When it’s your dream job, house, car, vacation or a change you want to make, with it comes the price of hard work and pushing yourself through when you really feel like you’re going nowhere.

There will be downhill bits but with every downhill will be another uphill to climb, I promise.

When other people begin to doubt you, block it out. Remember who you’re doing this for and why. When you begin to doubt yourself, PUSH THROUGH. Don’t let doubt take a hold of your life.

I very much hope this little rant has helped and made sense in some shape or form!

Ciao for now x

P.s you deserve to believe in yourself, because you ARE capable.

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.