Read This If You Ever Question Your Significance

We all have moments when we truly question our existence, yes? I certainly do myself. I personally will have days where I question what I’m contributing to the world, am I enough? Am I at all significant?

In my darker days, I’d live these thoughts day in, day out. I may as well not be here because I just don’t make any difference to anyone’s lives. I’d tell myself I was worthless and insignificant.

The truth is, we all make a SIGNIFICANT difference to the world, more importantly to those around us. We are all so significant. I once again took to social media to gather some ‘evidence’ shall we call it.

Why? You may be asking. Whilst in one of my daily, hourly more like, daydreams the other day, I thought of all the lovely people I’ve come across in the past year. Many of them have had a huge impact on my life, and the funny thing is none of them have a clue. Some I met in passing, and some I knew for a length of time.

An example I can give you of a complete stranger making my day was a couple of months ago. I was off sick from work with anxiety and depression. I really was not in a good place. I remember going to the local Co-op store, probably to eat my weight in food!!

As was any interaction back then, I was panicked about a simple task such as paying at the till because that meant the dreaded social interaction. Anyway, the lovely lady behind the till specifically picked out the special Peter Rabbit 50 pence to give back as my change. Her reasoning behind it was simply because I’d been the first customer to smile at her.

Something tiny, yet it warmed my heart and obviously, has stuck with me ever since. That thoughtful gesture, probably tiny to the lady, made a huge impact on my day. During a time where I truly feared other people, interaction in particular, she lifted my hopes and proved that not all humans are bad.

My point? The tiniest of gestures you’ve done for others in the past, no matter how insignificant they may have seemed to you at the time, WERE very much significant to the receiver I can assure you.

I could truly go on and list many more examples of kind gestures that lovely strangers, friends and family have done for me but you’d be sat here reading this post for hours.

I’m sure you’re thinking – alright that’s just ONE good example. Well here’s where it gets better. The power of sharing and retweeting my own tweet about ten times has given me further ‘evidence’ to back my point up. Below are those examples.

“Someone had told me they noticed I’d lost weight and was looking great after I’d been trying hard in the gym for a few months and didn’t feel as though I was losing any weight. Hearing that from someone else kept me motivated and lifted my spirits.”

“When a friend recently knew I was really hormonal and having a bad period, she came over with treats to cheer me up. Was such a surprise and so unexpected. Meant so much to me.”

“Bambino coming into my life.”

“My children offering to do housework because they think they should as I do too much.”

“I tend to go to work with a smile on my face and an energy that I constantly fear people will find excessive or annoying. Imagine my shock and awe when, while finishing one of my shifts, one of my colleagues told me that they ‘really liked my energy’, and found me fun to be around while working. That just made my day cos it told me outright that I wasn’t making a complete idiot of myself for a change.”

“A friend gave me her old iphone, made a huge difference to my working day.”

“When I went through a tough time I received a message from someone I hadn’t seen or spoken to in a long while simply asking if I was okay. It meant so much because it shows that, that person noticed I wasn’t being my usual self and not attending social events and was a nice gesture that more people should pick up on.”

“Telling me I’ve lost weight.”

“I had a family thing that was really important that I needed to sort out but it was also one of my best friends birthdays and I didn’t have time to do it all. One of my other best friends offered to go shopping for me, pick out a card, and wrap the present. When I saw the present she chose it was clear that she was thinking what I would normally pick out for my best friend and what she’d like for her birthday. It was such a thoughtful gift and a helpful thing to do for me”

Honestly, we all make a difference to each other. Whether it’s to a stranger, friend, lover, or relative, we’ve all been significant in making a difference to somebody’s life, most probably more than once.

Sadly, majority of the time we never know about it. Purely because of this, I try to be as open as I can no matter how much it makes me cringe and thank the person that’s positively affected my day or week. It goes a long way!!

You just never know how much of a difference you DO make to someone’s life. Never forget that, and most importantly never forget that you ARE significant.

You are very much significant in this world.

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.