A Review : Nick Spalding – Checking Out

I came across this book whilst on a hunt for some good reads to put on my kindle whilst I was away on my holiday in Denmark.

First things first, I sped through this book in two days. It was just one one of those books that I (yes a cliche) couldn’t put down, I mean I had to when showering and sleeping and etc but aside from that the kindle was glued to hand for a good 48 hours. Always a good sign when reading a book.

To be truthful, I did find the beginning a bit raunchy – unless you’re used to the likes of 50 shades, although it’s not as raunchy as that!! Nevertheless, I can assure you it progresses to be an excellent and well written novel that in fact isn’t solely based on sex.

Many aspects of the book really did surprise me. I knew what I was getting in to when I read the blurb, however I did hesitate when I came to read it. Did I really want to be an emotional mess whilst on my holiday??

What’s the big deal, you may be asking? The deal is that the main character, Nathan James, is faced with the tragic news that he has a brain tumour and could possibly die at any moment. The novel takes you on a journey of James’ ups and downs and fight against the tumour.

My honest opinion? No giveaways but it’s nothing like you’d expect. There’s a good mix of humour throughout and life lessons to take away with you. Despite not fighting a brain tumour myself, I could apply the outlook and such on current issues in my life and so on.

Truth be told, I did expect a lot of tears to be shed and a lot of soppiness, especially when a romantic interest was introduced. However it really was surprisingly light-hearted and humorous.

Somehow, Nick Spalding managed to convey what is quite a tragic story positively and humorously, without mocking those who go through it. It truly was very well written and I’d 100% recommend, especially if you need a “kick up the bum” shall we say!

It’s inspirational but not too heavy at the same time. You’ll delve into the novel and get involved with the characters but you won’t finish the novel feeling completely heartbroken as is the case with many novels that include tragic events.

Ciao for now x

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