12 Days In Denmark

Myself and my Mum recently took a holiday to the beautiful country of Denmark. We spent 11 days in an old town called Ebeltoft and a day trip in Aarhus.

This opportunity came about when my Mum’s friends daughter was looking for someone to look after the family cat back in Denmark. Aka we got to stay in Denmark for free so were extremely grateful for such a once in a lifetime chance.

Ebeltoft isn’t a well-known place to anyone who doesn’t know the ins and outs of Denmark, not one of the people I’ve mentioned it to from the UK have had any recollection of the place. However, it really is a magnificent old town, it’s so calm and peaceful.

It was interesting to visit a place that wasn’t solely fixated around tourists. We really got a good Danish feel for it because of this. The first few days I felt way out of my comfort zone.

Everything was in Danish! Can you believe it? Two Brits went to Denmark yet the Danish still had the cheek to leave every damn thing in Danish….

Joking of course!!

For communication purposes also, I’d highly recommend learning some basic Danish if you’re going to a little town or city. I can’t speak for Copenhagen. My Mum and I were either rubbish at communicating or we made a rookie mistake of not learning some basic Danish beforehand.

On the third day we discovered a great big old warship called Fregatten Jylland. For 125 kr (which is roughly £13/14 I believe) you get entry for 7 days prior to the day you buy a ticket, which is fantastic considering it’s rare to find something cheap in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries.

There’s lots to explore and see such as the canon show. There’s also opportunities throughout the day to climb the rigging right to the crow’s nest. I wasn’t gutsy enough to try it!!

We also claimed a a bench as our own by the sea where we went a few times to read, sunbathe and relax in what was the glorious hot sunshine.

What I did notice about Denmark was the abundance of bikes with and without people on them. They even have dedicated bike lanes (and I mean proper dedicated bike lanes) with it’s own type of road alongside the pavement and vehicle road.

Quite possibly due to the time of year we were there or the weather, it was light longer than it was dark. The sun set at roughly 10 pm but it still remained pretty light until about 11pm. The sun then began to rise before 5 am.

Despite the prices in shops being extraordinarily dear if you don’t earn a Danish salary, they’re certainly worth having a look at. Most importantly – their thrift stores are 100% worth checking out. I came home 3 books richer and a new dress to add to my collection!!

We were late to discover the beaches but we found one nevertheless, and it was the most wonderful and stunning sight to behold. Both the sea and sand were extremely clean and the water was beautifully clear. You could see all the little fishies and crabs!

Our day out to Aarhus was a spontaneous one but a fantastic one. As much as I like to plan out my day, sometimes the best adventures are the spontaneous ones.

If you do find yourself in this beautiful city, I highly recommend going to the Salling store and taking yourself up to the sixth floor where you’ll get the most spectacular views along with a coffee and/or a bite to eat. It’s a gorgeous view across Aarhus.

There’s also a see-through glass part on the floor that hovers above the centre. It’s pretty insane.

Also, if you do ever find yourself in Ebeltoft, it’s worth taking a walk up to the trig point. Another aspect we were lucky to have was being 400m walk away from the trig point. I caught a sunset up there and I also went up the morning before we left for home – both times were superb.

All in all, Denmark really is beautiful. Holidays to Spain, Italy and Cyprus are great but please, make sure you visit Denmark at least once in your life. You won’t regret it.

Ciao for now x

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