Feeling Grateful

They say to start the day by noting (mentally or physically) 3 things that you’re grateful for. It’s 11.29 pm on a Friday night and here are 3 things I’m grateful for..

– Laughter.

– Family.

– Love.

Despite family almost always coming in to my physical note of the daily three things I’m grateful for, I don’t think I ever just sit down and soak in how lucky I am to have a family, a small one, but a family nevertheless.

I feel so blessed, grateful and lucky that I have an individual closeness with each member. Family is what’s kept me going for sure over the past year and certainly since I was a lil baba.

Families come in all forms, shapes, sizes, whatever else. Not all families are necessarily related by blood to you but that really doesn’t matter.

Family defined is ‘a group of related things’. I’ll just leave that there for you. Family is who you claim as your own.

Laughter is so overlooked. It’s so simple yet it releases SO many good and happy chemicals and is just the best remedy for anything in life.

I ended up laughing so hard with my sister this evening that I fell to the floor, whilst still laughing, proceeded to laugh and also dribbled – because I tend to dribble a lot. Yum!!!

You get my point, find something, preferably a person, who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts and your cheeks burn from holding a smile for so long. Surround yourself with that thing or person as much as you can.

Laughter is good for our souls. Plus I swear I laugh so hard that I gain a six pack (a girl can dream) sometimes..

Finally – love. Love, like family, comes in all forms and shapes and sizes.

I’m grateful to have a S.O. who loves me more than I thought would ever happen to me and who I love more than I thought I ever could.

I’m grateful to have people in my life that I love to laugh with and spend time with.

I’m grateful to have hobbies, one in particular, that I love whole-heartedly.

I’m grateful to have such a big heart that enables me to love all of those people with, what feels like, all of my heart!! It’s such a lovely and full feeling to love.

Please note that I’m NOT in any way trying to brag or rub anything in anyone’s face. I am just feeling so full with gratitude and a general buzz off life right now – so much so that I cannot sleep despite being cream crackered.

Find one thing that you’re grateful for today, jot it down and write why you’re grateful for that one or more thing. I promise you, you’ll feel better after.

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.