Doubts and Fears – How To Fight Back?

Quarter past midnight. Another sleepless night. Another night of my mind going in to overdrive even though it should be resting. Whilst the aim of these blog posts isn’t to bring attention to myself, I truly believe in being open and honest. That’s the only way for me to write words on a page.
We all have our own fears and there are many things that we, if not now, have doubted about ourselves. Can you really pass that exam? Are you truly capable of doing that job? Correct me if I’m wrong but, I imagine each time a doubt or fear has arisen, your mind has hit back with negativity rather than loving kindness.
Both doubts and fears are a natural part of life of course. However, in case you didn’t know, you have permission to fight back. You’re allowed to acknowledge a doubt, roll your eyes and even laugh at it. You can acknowledge a fear but question if you really need to feel fearful.
Easier said than done, definitely. Both fear and doubt have us believe that they have all the power in the world. When we’re fearful, it’s not always easy to think rationally, but it’s crucial to remember, no matter what the end result, you, I and the rest remain strong always.
Whether we can no longer fight back or simply can’t see a way through, it’s never ever a sign of weakness.
The truth is, despite saying we have control over our minds, sometimes it’s hard to see past the millions of thoughts we feel like we’re drowning in. That IS okay.
Although it feels like the worst thing to do, the best thing to do is to always do what you think you can’t. To do what makes you fearful. I can imagine just reading that causes your heart to race a little faster, and I get it. It’s hard.
That’s why baby steps are always key. When I used to suffer badly with anxiety, my Mum always told me one thing and its stuck with me throughout. She said to get through the day one task at a time e.g telling yourself you’re going to put your shoes on, that’s all you’re doing, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to leave the house.
It sounds silly and I’m sure you’re thinking what a load of ——-. However, it works, I can assure you. Tackle that fear or the niggling, doubtful voice in your head – or both! Even if you don’t reach the end goal in one day, trying is all that matters. It matters because it makes you stronger and enables you to try again tomorrow.
Most importantly, what I try to stress the most here is that no matter how lonely you feel with your fearful and doubtful thoughts (or any other kind), you’re not alone. We all fight mental battles from time to time.
Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.

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