7 New Years Resolutions For 2019

Another year is done and dusted. Another year to look forward to. We’ve moved on from Merry Christmas to Happy New Year. A couple of days ago it was ‘How many chocolates can I eat in one night?’. It’s now ‘S**t it’s almost 2019 and I haven’t made any new years resolutions’.

Hopefully, you’re here because you are struggling to come up with New Year resolutions, if not I’m sorry but I can’t help you today!!

Please note that these are guidelines only. Take them as you will or simply use it to get some ideas of your own flowing. Whichever way you use these, I hope they help.

  1. Self-care

Now, this is one that we are all guilty of abandoning in our day-to-day routines. It seems to somehow fall at the bottom of our priorities list each time, yet it’s the most important for taking care of our minds and bodies. The relaxation that naturally comes with self-care helps to fight stress and effects such as potential increased heart rate, high blood pressure and muscle tension.

2. Prioritising

Whether it’s you or that junk drawer you’ve been meaning to sort since 2008. Make 2019 the year to prioritize what’s been waiting so long to get done. prioritize your goals and aspirations. Start putting them first. Yes, you may have plenty of time, but why wait? Write down your list of to-do’s for the year and number them, with 1. being a top priority and 10 less of a priority.

3. Try it

We all have our own version of ‘one day I’ll do so and so’. Whether we’d like to go someplace new, start dating, socialize more or take up a new hobby (the most common of all). In the words of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’… if you never try, you’ll never know. Oh, how cringy, I know, but you get my point.

What have you got to lose? A 50% chance that you won’t like it. That’s it. What’s have you got to “win” on the flip side? A 50% chance you’ll like it. A sense of achievement. A buzz of happiness and a warm feeling inside. A goal ticked off your list. An increase in confidence, and many more!

4. Self-love

This is where you probably roll your eyes and say “not this malarkey again??” Sorry, but yes. Unfortunately, self-love is even more overlooked than self-care back in number 1. In fact, how much can you, reading this, say that you truly like yourself? Taken from the Tiny Buddha, “if we start with self-care and work on self-acceptance, we can start to develop self-like”.

Once you break something daunting, into baby steps, it never seems as bad as it did initially. Self-love is achievable and is something we should all naturally have, including myself who struggles the most with this one.

Please consider, at least, putting this one at the top of your list of priorities next year, or today if you like. Everyone deserves self-acceptance at the very least.

5. See You Soon, Comfort Zone.

My favourite place to be – my comfort zone. Safe and sound, hidden away from everything. Can you believe that what I’ve achieved this year DIDN’T come from staying in my comfort zone? Now, I completely understand the trouble with comfort zones, I still very much struggle to leave mine on the best of days.

Stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t mean a forever farewell. It means doing or trying something that scares you, that brings about a feeling of anxiety or unease. However, outside of your comfort zone doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in any more danger, despite what your heartbeat and mind try to tell you!

Your comfort zone will always be there waiting for you, opportunities to achieve your goals and aspirations may not wait around as long. Make 2019 the year you put in 100% effort to step outside of it every once in a while, and when you can. Amazing things will happen, I promise you.

6. One Goal, and Work On It.

It’s easy enough to set a goal, the hardest part is following through with the intention to work for it (I’m guilty of this too). Nevertheless, that in NO way makes it impossible. You can achieve whatever you want to when you fully dedicate yourself to it.

Work out what it is you want to achieve and use baby steps to map out how to get from A to B.

7. This Time Next Year.

At the end of 2019, what is it you want to have done, experienced and achieved? What leaps out at you when you ask yourself that question? By working on your aspirations, this time next year could be very different for you.

What image comes to mind when you think of 12 months down the line? That’s what matters and that is what you should be working towards, in any way you can.

Before you go ahead and set your New Year resolutions, please take a moment to either mentally or physically list all that you’ve achieved this year. Whether they were targets hit, mental battles overcome or heartbreak that’s been healed. You should be proud of yourself for all that you’ve faced and overcome.

Ciao for now x


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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.

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