Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019.

2018 has been one hell of a year, probably one of the best for me in terms of both growth and development. Of course, each year has its ups and downs, and it was far from perfect but what is?

AJC wrote how those of us that make the effort to make a new years resolution are “10 times more likely to change their lives for the better after six months” compared to those that only considered the idea. Interesting to say the least.

I always struggle with new years resolutions. I tend to fear the slight possibility of failing to go through with them and therefore the huge disappointment which leads to a little punch to the self-esteem. Please say you agree?!

Nevertheless, beginning a new year used to always fill me with a certain amount of dread. It can sometimes feel slightly daunting, each person having their own reasoning behind this too.

Whatever has been hard about this year from you is now in the past. You can leave it behind. Whether it was good or bad, take from it what you will but focus on what’s to come, not what was. It’s natural to feel anxious about having to face what’s been faced once, again. When you experience hurt and pain, “beginning again” can bring about a lot of uncertainty.

The way I look at life is the following – whatever is happening, good or bad, somehow it’s going to help me. Easier said than done when you face a hard time, whether it’s grief, illness, or heartbreak, it’s extremely difficult to even consider a positive out of it all.

When the time is right, look hard enough and I promise you’ll find at least a minuscule of it hidden somewhere. Growth, lessons, development. Anything, as long as you look for it.

Please don’t fear what’s not here yet. Embrace what’s to come and know that you are more than capable of tackling whatever life conjures up. The beginning of a new year shouldn’t be feared for it enables a new start, a chance to reset the old settings if desired. Make a change and set mini goals for yourself. Or simply take it up as a chance to better yourself, an extra motivator if you will.

What’s done is done and what remains is what you CHOOSE to do going forward in your life. Mistakes are to be left as mistakes as long as we’re willing to make a change.

2019 can be a fresh page in a brand new book or simply a new chapter. The choice is completely yours, and neither is right or wrong.

Make it your year for saying yes. To opportunities. To chances. To experiences. To things you’ve never tried before. Here’s to 2019. To improving, growing and developing. To stepping outside of your comfort zone when possible.

Here’s to leaving the past where it belongs. To enjoying what’s left of 2018. Finally, to embracing 2019. To the exciting plans, the uncertain journeys, and the adventures that lie ahead.

Ciao for now x




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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.

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