Introducing Friends in Need – Bath Mind.

The mental health charity Bath Mind focuses heavily on mental wellbeing and on supporting those that struggle with their mental health. In a few posts prior to this one, I discussed a meet-up group – Open Opportunities. In today’s post, I’d like to introduce another meet-up group run by Bath Mind – Friends in Need.

Described by Bath Mind, Friends in Need is “an informal support group for anyone experiencing depression and anxiety”. It typically consists of around 10 to 15 people that meet in a cafe located in the heart of Bath. It enables a chance to converse with others who understand or can relate to what you’re going through.

Sitting down with the group enabled me to see people of different ages and backgrounds chat and support one another, as well as discuss their current state of mental wellbeing.

I spoke to one member of the group who told me he’d battled mental illness for around 30 years. He stumbled upon the group after struggling with a bout of depression at the time. He told me – “I went online and found this group. I came down and within 2 hours, it’d helped me more than any therapy”.

Similar to Open Opportunities, the meet-up is simply a place to escape from mental health troubles and have a good old belly laugh, aka the best remedy. They shared hobbies of photography, drama, walking, knitting, writing, travelling and cycling.

Friends in Need hold fortnightly activities, such as going to the cinema. The group also encourages using creativity as an outlet for any mental health struggles, a way of coping and distracting. Most importantly, the group ensures individuals have that human contact for those two hours on a Monday.

Human contact is of course, essential especially when anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses bring about strong feelings of loneliness. It’s less about mental illness and more about mental wellbeing, which is strongly encouraged by Bath Mind.

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