How Sport and Physical Activity Can Benefit Mental Well-being – Bath Mind Sport-athon

We’re all very aware of the significant benefits exercise can have on our physical wellbeing. It’s the ONE way to keep fit after all. Research carried out over the last few years has helped us discover the ways in which physical activity can improve our mental wellbeing.

More specifically, participating in sport has shown to have positive benefits on our mental health. An example of this is a proven reduction in stress and depression. Physical activity increases endorphins (aka happy hormones) and reduces stress hormones, say Healthline.

Team sports in particular “provide a chance to unwind and engage in a satisfying challenge that improves your fitness”. Physical activity can benefit mental health by bettering self-esteem, enabling you to “feel better about yourself as you improve and meet your goals” according to Mind.

Team sports also benefit your mental health by connecting you with people. It ticks many of the five ways to mental wellbeing by the Government Office for Science. The guidance discusses 5 simple ways of improving “personal wellbeing” – “connect, be active, take notice, keep learning, give”.

I’ve personally found exercise to be very beneficial for my own mental health. Even a 20-minute walk in the sunshine (or clouds, hey UK weather?) can perk me up on the worst of days and enable me to project the fight or flight mode I often find myself in on days where my anxiety is bad.

On the 8th of September, Bath Mind will be hosting their own ‘Sport-athon‘. The purpose of this is to of course raise money but most importantly, encourage participation in physical activity and sport and improve their wellbeing and engage with the community.

The event will consist of 8 hours of activities, sports and challenges suitable for all of the family. Some of these will include: yoga, football, netball, hockey, team games, car boot bingo, arts activities and a myriad more.

Bath Mind are asking that those looking to get involved pledge a fundraising goal of £200. They ask that participants are able to engage in the 8-hour challenge that will be held between 10-6pm on Sunday 8th September.

Friends and Family sessions will also be held throughout the day at the same time as the 8-hour challenge. Adults can pay £5 to participate, whilst children go free. These drop-in sessions will include sporting and arts activities for all ages, such as children’s yoga and family dodgeball.

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.

One thought on “How Sport and Physical Activity Can Benefit Mental Well-being – Bath Mind Sport-athon

  1. Really well written article Gwen! Not many people realize how beneficial exercise is for mental health. Studies have found regular physical activity to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.


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