How To Tackle The Creator’s Block?

Defined as an “interruption of the flow of ideas” by Freepik, the creator’s block is much like writers block where you struggle to come up with new ideas regarding a piece of work or project. I recently read in an article, a comparison that has shifted my mindset completely. It discussed creatives and the block mentioned above and used a blossom tree as a comparison.

A blossom tree doesn’t and CAN’T bloom all year, and similarly can we expect our creative minds to be on form 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s simply unrealistic. It doesn’t and it can’t.

Of course, we still experience creative spells in each season but the point is, it’s okay to go through periods of “creator’s block”. You don’t need to fight it or get frustrated at it. You just have to accept it and let it be for that moment in time.

My work ethic is completely random but it’s what I find works for me. I only hope you can take something from the crazy ways my brain works to help you and your creator’s block on its way!

  1. Distract yourself – Step Away From Your Work

Strangely, getting yourself mentally away from that space of frustration can clear your mind and make room for new ways or ideas. It’s surprising what a 5-10 minute time our can do your creative brain. Focus on something else, whether it’s a different task or getting up and making yourself a cup of tea, anything to give your brain time and space to “breathe” a little.

Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay 

2.Share Your Work With a Friend or Family Member

A fresh pair of eyes can truly help in times of need. When it comes to assignments for university, myself and my friend will often switch work and proof each others. Constructive criticism is the best way for improving your work alongside recognition/praise too. They key point here is to ensure you don’t take any of it personally. It doesn’t mean you’re bad at what you do or a failure. It’s simply setting aside your pride to develop and better your work.

3. Use Those That Inspire You, As Inspiration

There’s no shame in looking at those that inspire you for a slice of inspiration. It may just send you in the right direction or spark a completely new idea. I’m also partial to a LOT of Pinterest browsing for some inspiring visuals (which can be found here). Using fellow creators as inspiration will give you the motivation you need and help you gain a new or different perspective on a certain aspect of your work.

Of course, it’s all about what works for you. If pushing yourself until you pass creator’s block works for you then great, if any of the above works for you – great!

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