You Deserve Support: Understanding Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings – Bath Mind

World Mental Health Day 2019

* Warning – this resource discusses themes that some people may find distressful and triggering. If you’re in need of resources to help with suicidal thoughts, scroll to the bottom of this post for helplines and mental health crisis contact details. You are not alone. *

This year’s mental health awareness day focus is suicide prevention. We understand that this is a sensitive topic and so, in collaboration with Bath Mind, we’ve written this blog post aimed at helping anybody experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings. 

Suicidal feelings and thoughts vary from person to person in terms of intensity and how long they last. Anybody of any age, gender, background, and at any point in their life can experience them. 

They can arise from a growing sense of hopelessness and worthlessness and can often feel like the only way out. These feelings can also arise when struggling with difficulties such as –

  • Bullying or discrimination
  • Domestic abuse
  • Bereavement
  • Long-term physical pain or illness
  • Adjusting to a big change
  • Money troubles or homelessness
  • Loneliness
  • Addiction
  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth or postnatal depression
  • Sexual or physical abuse

Despite such struggles consuming your day-to-day, I promise you they don’t at all define you and will not go on forever. Experiencing suicidal feelings can be terrifying but, it’s okay to talk about it. You are so worthy, loved, and wanted here. The world would not benefit from losing your incredible soul, no matter how much your mental chatter may try to convince you. We are here for you.

If you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts, you may feel:

  • Like there’s no point in living.
  • Upset and overwhelmed.
  • Unbearable pain that you can’t see an end to.
  • Useless, unwanted, or unneeded.
  • Like suicide is your only option.
  • Cut off from your physical self.

You may also experience:

  • Poor and/or lack of sleep.
  • Change in appetite and/or weight.
  • No desire to take care of yourself.
  • Isolating yourself from others.
  • An urge to self-harm.
  • Self-loathing and low self-esteem.

Experiencing these symptoms and the length of time that these feelings last will differ from person to person. With support, acknowledgement, and help, you can go on to live a fulfilling life as you deserve to. By letting somebody know how you feel, you’ll be able to access support and help to overcome these feelings.

Research has shown that men and people who identify as LGBTQ+ are more at risk of taking their own life. Men are victim to a lot of pressures in society. Although attitudes towards these have improved slightly, there’s still a long way to go in challenging male expectations. 

Campaigning Against Living Miserably (CALM) are fighting to prevent male suicide in the UK. You can access their live chat from 5pm to midnight 7 days a week, here Or to contact their helpline, ring 0800 58 58 58.

Although the reasons aren’t yet fully understood, mental health problems experienced by LGBTQ+ people have been linked to:

  • Discrimination.
  • Bullying.
  • Homophobia, biphobia, or transphobia.
  • Negative reactions or rejection from family, friends, or employers.

These of course can be extremely detrimental to a person’s mental health. The Gender Trust supports anyone affected by gender identity issues and provides a list of local support groups. Switchboard also provide support and information to gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and trans people.

To contact The Gender Trust:

To contact Switchboard: phone – 0300 330 0630 or email

If you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts:


116 123

07725 909090 (a texting number where a crisis counsellor will text with you).

Bath and North East Somerset

Intensive Team 01225 362814

SHOUT Crisis Text Line:

Text 85258 to be linked up with a trained volunteer Crisis Counsellor

To find out more about Bath Mind, please click here.

If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Ciao for now x

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