Let’s Talk: Poor Mental Health Despite a “Perfect” Life

A myth we’re all guilty of believing when it comes to mental health is that a “perfect” and happy life eliminates times of despair. Because, despite having everything you ever wanted, you can still have a hard time mentally and that is completely okay.

Described perfectly by Head of Fundraising, Hannah Roper at Bath Mind, “We can be on one end (of a mental health spectrum) which is severely mentally unwell with a diagnosed illness, or we can be really thriving and resilient. But, we can all fluctuate on that spectrum”.

Functioning despite mental health struggles – getting up and going to work, school, or other activity – can be confusing. It’ll often guilt you into a “What have you got to complain about?” mentality. It’s important more so to ignore this niggly voice and acknowledge what’s going on for you.

Talk about it. The number one recommended piece of advice you’re probably sick of hearing but one of the most crucial. It’s surprising how many people are in a similar boat to you or can relate to what you’re going through – it can be a huge comfort. It can also open the doors to the support and help you may be needing.

Don’t run away, it will only catch up to you. A mistake I made myself only a few weeks ago was dodging how I felt and what was going on around me because everything around me was “perfect”. I was working part-time at a place that makes me quite happy, I had good people around me, I was physically healthy etc etc – yet mentally I just wasn’t perfect at all. I avoided anything that forced me to face what was going on in my mind.

Unsurprisingly, it caught up to me and wasn’t pleasant in any way, shape, or form. Check in with yourself. Even when you don’t want to. Face what’s going on and reach out to a friend or loved one. What’s going on in your mind matters, YOU matter.

How are things really? Yes, you may have everything you’ve worked so hard to get but many factors can influence how you may be feeling and that’s okay. It could be stress, fears, lack of motivation or others. And it’s okay if these are circling in your mind. It’s equally okay to reach out for some support. To admit that actually, everything isn’t perfect right now because when is it?

We can be high-functioning but still struggle with our mental wellbeing, there is absolutely no shame in that. The more accepting and open we are to what’s going on, the better we can help ourselves and access necessary resources.

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.

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