5 Steps To Plan For 2020: A Guide

The end of a decade, and the beginning of another – the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. It won’t be long before small talk and our social media feeds become filled with all things New Years resolutions.

This year has been challenging for many of us. You’re probably already thinking of how you want to make 2020 THE year. YOUR year. Maybe it’s fitness, education, career or social goals you have. Regardless, to make the intentions you have stick, there are a few steps to be taken.

  1. Set yourself a sensible number of intentions to implement in the new year.

It’s all well and good writing pages and pages of new years resolutions, signing up to a gym, or scheduling in numerous, brand new things in your diary. But, how many of those will you really stick to?

Aim high of course, but be sure not to overwhelm yourself with a million things at once and risk the physical or mental inability to reach those goals. Figure out what you’d like to prioritise and focus on for the next year.

2. Give each goal or intention a “why”.

Without a strong “why” behind attaining a goal it’ll be much easier to ditch the task at hand once January motivation wears off. Take some time to discover WHY you’re setting that goal or making that change in your life.

Make a mental or physical note to come back to when you resort back to old ways or simply fall into a “what’s the point?” trap. The motivation behind WHY you want to do something is what will carry you through if you want it that badly.

3. Why hasn’t this worked out before? Are there any challenges ahead?

If you’re anything like myself, you’re setting a goal you’ve tried to stick to in the past. This could be self-love/care, physical wellbeing or other. As challenging as it may be, the only way to face what obstacles may be ahead, is to face what’s gone wrong in the past. What worked and what didn’t? How can you use a different approach this time?

4. Start planning how you aim to reach that goal!

For a goal to be met, it’s advisable to set out a plan or even make baby steps to ensure you’re doing all you can. Baby steps also allow the task to become less daunting and more achievable – if you want to get really organised, you can set mini targets per goal and/or deadlines. This is optional, of course.

5. Don’t wait for the 1st of January.

December is a time mostly filled with Christmas do’s and family get together’s – a busy time for many of us. But, there’s nothing stopping you from making a small start now. And, the earlier you start, the more likely you are to stick to it come January 2020.

Even if all you do is begin planning, you’ll get your own head start for the new year and a sense of accomplishment to nicely end the decade.

Please do not hesitate to give feedback or contact me by clicking here.

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.

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