3 Tips For Staying Motivated Whilst Working at Home

Cartridge Save spoke to business leader and CEO of Welbot, Mykay Kamara on how to make working from home a success. Most UK-based offices have been closed due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, leaving employees needing to self-motivate through working at home.

It is crucial to consider the possible implications this can bring on mental health. With no need to dress formally or allow more than ten minutes to wake up before starting work, it can be challenging to stay motivated in this time of uncertainty.

Mykay Kamara shares tips for tackling procrastination, keeping productive and taking care of your mental health.

“At a time when isolation and quarantine is an essential part of day-to-day life, we all need to look after our personal wellbeing as well as our health”.

  1. Digitally keep in touch with friends and family

The CEO reiterates the impact that a lack of social interaction can have on our mental health, recommending that we schedule “calls with friends and family”. Kamara points out the importance of staying mindful to use of social media. Most smartphones allow you to set screen limits for individual apps. Or you can limit yourself to only access social media through a laptop or computer.

2. Physical health

Although gyms aren’t accessible and we are limited to leaving the house once a day, Kamara has plenty of suggestions for tackling the matter. “Indoor exercise, eating regularly, hydration, routine and communication are all essential to helping keep on top of things”. Don’t forget that simple house chores such as cleaning or tidying can help you to “get on top of your mood” and enhance a sense of productivity.

3. Regulate your hours

Working at home can unknowingly put on an added pressure to exceed your usual office hours. Whether you’re working to meet a deadline or have a sudden burst of energy, Kamara from Welbot highlights the importance of regulating your working time.

“Don’t be afraid to have a break for lunch and stop at a reasonable time. Having a good working routine will help you balance out work and home life when you no longer travel to your place of work.”

Ian Cowley from Cartridge Save concludes, “You have to keep communication going. In reality, over the next few weeks or months you’ll be doing everything you already do, just remotely. So continue to ensure team leaders talk to staff every day. Make sure weekly meetings happen. Give them the professional and emotional support they need.

“Successful remote working is all about having good habits, the right tools and open lines of communication in place.”

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.

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