A Review: How to Feel Good in Difficult Times

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In today’s blog post I’d like to thank Trigger Publishing for kindly gifting me Gael Lindenfield’s “How to Feel Good in Difficult Times”.

You can certainly judge the book by its’ title here, and Gael Lindenfield successfully delivers just that – a truly relevant read with the current COVID-19 situation.

Like many people in the UK and worldwide, the situation has caused me to feel anxious, uncertain and mostly overwhelmed. This book couldn’t have come at a better time for me in that regard.

I am an avid reader of self-help books, but often, they can be quite hard to fully digest and take a lot of concentration due to the large amount of information.

Lindenfield’s book felt like just the right balance of information to understand and digest, with use of bullet points and various activities.

What I liked about this book was the “quick fix” sections for short-term solutions as well as activities for long-term solutions. The quick fixes acted as reminders, and the lessons I’ve taken from some of the activities have certainly ingrained in me some useful future references, probably due to the act of writing and spending time on each individual one.

“How to Feel Good in Difficult Times” covers several, important areas for taking care of your mental health such as home, relationships, physical health, finances and more.

I’ve always struggled with understanding how I can be bubbly, confident, chatty and extroverted sometimes, and the complete opposite other times.

A section that really resonated with me and opened my eyes was the “Activate Your Inner Team” in the Mental Wellbeing chapter. Nothing has ever given me such permission to allow myself to embrace all the different selves I have and how they are beneficial with different people and situations.

Gael Lindenfield’s words have helped me calm my worries and fears of uncertainty and the future whilst encouraging me to place my focus elsewhere such as goal setting, making physical activity fun, draw my attention to current bad habits and how I plan on fixing them.

In the last week, thanks to this book, I’ve been inspired to take up yoga once again, better my eating habits, and check in more frequently with my emotions. I’ve been working on bettering myself (and continually so) for a while, but this book proved to be the boost I needed.

This will definitely be a book that I come back to time after time as a guide for feeling good during difficult periods of my life, which are of course inevitable.

The book is available to purchase through Amazon and is available as a paperback or Kindle edition.

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.

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