Lockdown Lifestyle Episode One – Yoga

Image by ArtCoreStudios from Pixabay

Welcome to a new series I will be starting weekly until this lockdown is over! Welcome to “Lockdown Lifestyle”.

Each week I will be sharing a change I’ve made in my routine, day-to-day, or more dramatically (yes, you guessed it) lifestyle. To keep me motivated and productive during this time, I’ve decided to take advantage of this time to make positive adjustments in my life.

This week’s adjustment has been getting back into yoga after several years. I’ve never been a particularly flexible person and to look at me you wouldn’t deem me as the yoga “type” and that’s okay. Because, what is a yoga “type” other than somebody who practises and enjoys it?

After reading Gael Lindenfield’s “How to Feel Good in Difficult times” (you can find my review here), I felt inspired to tackle an issue that has been eating away at me for quite some time – fitness and my body.

A week ago, I retrieved my yoga mat that had sat untouched on the top of my wardrobe, excluding the to’ing and fro’ing with it sat rolled up in the boot of my car to Bath.

In the past, I’ve gone on various “health kicks” and soon grown tired of salad leaves and restricted calories. I also grew highly frustrated with how poor my yoga ability was.

And, don’t get me wrong, my yoga ability requires MUCH working on, and in the last week I have eaten chocolate AS WELL AS salads, veggies and fruits. I’ve chosen to adapt my mindset in the sense that this isn’t a quick fix but a long-term goal of building and maintaining better eating habits and fully caring for my physical health. It is also, of course, a way to keep occupied during the current UK lockdown.

To keep in line with my morning routine of waking up before 9 am (unless hungover…), I’ve been getting up and doing some yoga as soon as I get up. And, it has strangely become what I look forward to the next day, every night. The bright and warm mornings are, however, a huge help with this!

I wish I was a yoga goddess who gracefully rolls out the yoga mat and carries out the practise without thinking twice. But, no. In the words of the Beatles, I get by with a little help from my friends A.K.A. PsycheTruth and Yoga With Adrienne via YouTube. Truthfully, I get by with a LOT of help from these virtual friends that I wish were really my friends…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my first episode of “Lockdown Lifestyle”. If you’d like to set me a lockdown lifestyle challenge, please click this link here where you can submit anonymously!

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.

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