Tackling Lockdown Frustrations and Staying Optimistic

Image by Andrian Valeanu from Pixabay

I’ll be the first to admit this lockdown, quarantine, or self-isolation – take your pick – is CHALLENGING. It’s hard to stay optimistic and motivated when the road ahead feels so long and that’s okay. We will all have wobbles and feelings of frustration during the next few weeks.

The one good thing about this chaos is that we are all in the same boat. And we can all support one another through remaining open and honest. It’s one of the things we must cling onto.

Before I go ahead, I’d like to point out that this (and all of my blog posts) are not written with the intention to shame anyone or brush over the current situation. I’m simply trying to help with some positive distractions and advice from personal experience. These aren’t things I’m telling ANYBODY to do or follow, just something to guide anybody who needs it through the madness.

  1. Switch up your day-to-day

Routine is important but there’s nothing wrong with a little change. It can be as little or as large as you like. The important part is to ensure you keep giving yourself something to look forward to each day. Whether you change up your breakfast or you walk a different route on your one hour of exercise, it all makes the difference.

2. Use your one hour outdoors

On the topic of outdoors, since being in lockdown, my dreams have been even more bizarre. Through Twitter, I came across an interesting article on the topic of dreams and why they become strange during times like these. You can find the article here.

It went over some tips on tackling the crazy dreams and one of them was the power of getting some fresh air and Vitamin D. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and maybe subconsciously claustrophobic, take yourself outside for a walk around your neighbourly area.

3. Monitor your social media use

I’ve never despised a notification more than the one that tells me how much higher my screen time has been compared to the week prior. And it’s certainly almost doubled since being in lockdown.

It’s expected that our phone screen time should increase during this time. But, be careful not to become swept under by the misinformation and potentially detrimental use of social media.

It goes without saying that social media is important for keeping in touch with friends and loved ones, and staying in touch with the world. Still, stay mindful to what you’re consuming and notice when you need a couple of hours or days away from it.

4. Allow your emotions to come and go

You’re going to feel frustrated, tired, down at times, other times you’re going to feel excited to be reunited with friends and family, and content sat cosied up, watching a film. This is a situation we’ve only known in movie scenes, it’s natural that we’d struggle to deal with such an unbelievable circumstance. It’s hard to know what to do with ourselves or how to just get through it all.

So, embrace how you feel and take care of your needs accordingly. Be kind to yourself and adapt with your emotions. Whatever feels right when you feel a certain type of way – do that.

5. Keep to your usual times of being busy

I read an article a couple of days ago for parents at home with children and how to fit in that time to sit down with a book and read. In it, it stated utilising times they had before to read such as their 40-minute commute to work.

And I understand, it;s not as simple as blocking out your whole household when you decide but the point is clear. Where possible stick to being busy during the days of the week where you would’ve been in work, school, or university. Keep the weekdays for productivity (when possible) and the weekends for relaxing (when possible) etc etc.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you’d like to query anything or simply get in touch please don’t hesitate to contact me here.

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.

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