Read This If You’re Anxious About Post-Lockdown

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You may be feeling excited for the day this madness is all over and we can squeeze family and loved ones to the point of suffocation. And you may also be feeling a little apprehensive. And that’s normal.

We’ve grown used to a lifestyle that’s significantly steadier than before. We’ve learnt to make time for ourselves (because what else is there to do?) We’ve learnt to reach out to the loved ones around us. And we’ve slowly learnt to adapt with the flow of an ever-changing situation.

Change, and the idea of, can bring about anxiety and fear. Without that certainty and comfort of knowing what’s ahead, it’s natural to feel out of control and worried. After all, how do you process an experience that’s so unfamiliar to reality?

It may not feel possible to see the silver linings in the chaos right now and you, rightly so, may feel fed up of being told to do so when there are so many lives being lost. But, there are elements of optimism in what’s to come.

We will no longer take the simple things we once took for granted. Dropping by our favourite coffee shops, visiting loved ones, or popping down to the local for a couple after a hard working week.

We will tend to our needs and, for the first time, make time to take care of ourselves because we know how crucial it is for our mental wellbeing. And we will be more open to living in the moment for we know all too well how quickly such freedom can be taken away.

Nobody can predict what will happen and how we’ll adapt post-lockdown. But we will. Just like we’re doing now. We’ll take each day as individualistic as it is, staying open to change knowing that no great thing can grow from comfort zones.

Resist the urge to control that around you, within you, and beyond you. Bake the banana bread, take a walk in the sunshine, or cosy up in front of the TV with a cup of tea. Do what you can to get through the day. Make time to do what makes YOU happy. Whatever you do, do so without judgement.

Celebrate the mini joys; virtually catching up with friends or a long shower after a day spent in the garden. Although the world may be a little chaotic, we are all here together. And no matter how the future pans out, we will come out stronger.

Take care of yourselves, reach out to loved ones, and stay safe.

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.

One thought on “Read This If You’re Anxious About Post-Lockdown

  1. When all this madness is over, I look forward to giving and receiving hugs from friends and relatives, something I never did pre-virus days. Having spent most of my working life going solo around the world carrying out what ever tasks were required, Since the lockdown, I feel the need for closeness to others. But come the day, will I have the nerve to hug anyone. Time will tell. I miss terribly, being unable to visit my wife’s grave, as the cemetery is locked up. I miss my weekly pub lunch and my favourite Bar Maid, Lucy, who has my strong coffee poured before I’m in the door. Being an avid reader, I miss the monthly trip to the Book Barn at Hallatrow where the cafe staff know just how I like my coffee. I have kept myself busy getting my second book printed and copies in addressed envelops ready to send. Also started on a fictional novel. More sitting working out the plot than typing. In between times I cook, wash up, clean house and do the ironing that has piled up for two months. and text those I love, friends and family and spend the evenings with TV and my favourite whisky. Not how I imagined spending some of my last time on earth, I should now have been touring the Scottish mountains in a hired camper. Fly up to Glasgow, pick up camper and spend a month, All before my eye sight fails as I have cataracts starting. Will we have learnt anything from all this. Will we reduce our mountains of non recyclable rubbish and poisoning our only Earth and wild life. Will we begin to make Peace not War. Will we stop Blood Sports and Big Game Hunting. Will we reduce our Carbon Footprint to Zero. I doubt it very much. Man is too greedy to see the damage he has caused. Sorry Gwen, I waffle far too much.


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