5 Ways to Attain a Better Night’s Sleep – Bath Mind

Sleep is commonly overlooked for its beneficial importance for both mind and body. And acquiring a decent night’s sleep can prove challenging when stress and uncertainty are thrown into the mix – yes, you COVID-19. Although we may be slowly nearing the end, myself and Bath Mind wanted to take this time to highlight ways in which you can encourage a better night’s sleep.

  1. Journal

Anyone who is a reader of my blog posts is most probably sick of the word. But, yes, I sit here and write about journaling once more for good reason. It is most certainly one of the most effective ways for getting a better night’s sleep, in my opinion. Whether you jot down a bunch of words onto a piece of paper or speak it out loud into a voice note, getting the musings of the day ahead or the one just gone out of your mind before settling down, makes the difference. And when you decide to crawl into bed, your mind should have no excuses! You can read more about journaling here.

2. Environment

Sleep of course, requires falling into a state of relaxation before finally dozing off for the night. And so, the environment you choose to wind down in will impact the time it takes to get to sleep. Warm lighting such as fairy lights, lamps, or night lights can be used to set the scene. You can light an incense stick or candle for 10 minutes beforehand to really take in some lovely smells before climbing into bed.

3. Bedside Essentials

Not quite as fancy as you may think, keeping small necessities next to your bed will come in handy during those nights of disaster. These could include; an eye mask, ear plugs, lavender pillow spray, and a book to read before bed to induce fatigue.

4. Peace and Quiet

Much like the environment, sounds play an equally vital part to our relaxation and state of mind. Compare the noise of a dog barking in next-door’s garden, to the sounds of lapping waves; of course the latter is more favourable.

5. Temperature

Getting the perfect balance when it comes to the temperature in your place of sleep can occasionally prove difficult. It’s recommended that sleeping temperatures are kept to 18.3°C. It’s worth making a small investment into some items that will regulate your room temperature as the seasons change, such as fans, heated blankets, or and switching up your duvet thickness accordingly. Alternatively, open your window for a few hours before your usual bed time, ensure you are dressed in breathable clothing, and make sure to physically wind down half an hour before.

Thank you for reading, you can find out more about Bath Mind here.

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Attain a Better Night’s Sleep – Bath Mind

  1. jOURNAL. I don’t keep one I just tag comments onto Gwen’s. ENVIRONMENT. A good bed, good mattress and a tidy room with the door shut. BEDSIDE ESSENTIALS. Tissues for blowing nose or wiping off tears, torch, so I don’t have to use table lamp when I need the toilet. Glass of fresh water. BED ESSENTIALS. Memory foam pillow, My 83 year old Teddy and my late wife’s fluffy toy dog. They fill the space she would have filled. PEACE AND QUIET. Make son turn off his constant reruns of Starwars echoing from next room. He is only 43, poor child. TEMPERATURE. Warm enough that I don’t need Jimjams, cool enough that I don’t sweat. Then as a very last thing, I run through the entire list of those who mean anything to me, relatives and dear friends I then wish each a good night. A total off 68 of all ages. As I drift off I remember those who have passed on, too many to count. As you read this may I wish you a good night as well. Gus.


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