21 Daily Mantras to Build a Better Relationship With Yourself

They say you are what you eat, but what if we were also the words we speak to ourselves daily? There may be more resources on self-help and bettering relationships with ourselves but we remain in constant search of reassurance whilst being our own worst enemy. Placing reminders on our phones or sticky notes around the home to look at daily can assist in bettering the language we use with ourselves.

In this blog post there are 21 mantras designed to be used daily. You can take them and change their meaning or their words, so long as they are BENEFICIAL to you.

  1. I am worthy, loved and deserving of all the good that comes my way
  2. I can achieve whatever I set my mind to do
  3. I am grateful and so fortunate to have woken up today in good health
  4. I am not defined by the mistakes I have made in the past but by what I choose to do today to better my tomorrow
  5. Everything I do will always be good enough. When I need to rest, I must take a break and know that it doesn’t make me lazy or worthless
  6. The words I feed my mind have great power over my thoughts and feelings and therefore I must choose wisely
  7. What makes me different from anybody else is my greatest strength and I will cherish it each day
  8. My presence is a blessing to those I surround myself with
  9. The mistakes I have made and will inevitably make in the future are more opportunities to grow
  10. Opinions of me will always exist, both good and bad, but they will never define who I am
  11. I have enough time in a day, I have no rational reason to panic
  12. I am loved, wanted and appreciated by my friends and loved ones
  13. It’s okay for me to say no to things
  14. I feel calm in my comfort zone but I know the most magical growth happens on the other side of fear
  15. Rejection will come my way, I will trust that it is a higher power’s redirection
  16. Today I am grateful for…
  17. What I did or didn’t get done in a day doesn’t matter so long as I tried my best with what I had
  18. I give myself permission to take a break when the road ahead feels as though it is extending further each day, but I will never give up
  19. I am not perfect and that is okay
  20. I choose not to feed myself hateful words that I wouldn’t feel comfortable telling my six year old self
  21. I will take each day as it comes and enjoy every moment

Nobody is perfect and it’s seldom that we always get it right. Life presents many challenges and though they make us stronger, we all cope in different ways using various techniques. Wherever you are at in your life right now, make sure you aren’t your own worst enemy. Look after yourself and be mindful of the words you feed yourself daily, particularly when times are tough.

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.

One thought on “21 Daily Mantras to Build a Better Relationship With Yourself

  1. 1. I am deserving of the shit that comes my way
    2.I will do what I set my mind to
    3. I am grateful to have woken at all
    4.I make sure the mistakes of the past don’t catch to me
    5. Anything I do takes energy I am always short of , Rest then go again
    6. The words I type make the story flow
    7.My difference from others is what makes me what I am
    8. My presence can be a blessing or a curse on those around me
    9. See #4
    10 opinions of me don’t matter as long as those I value are happy
    11 The day is not long enough to have a panic
    12 Friends and family either love me, appreciate me our don’t know me well enough to decide
    13 the words Yes and No come easy as required
    14 Calm in my comfort zone, never fearful except of death
    15 If rejection comes I will grin and bear it whatever the cost
    16 I am thankful for a few true friends and one good lover
    17 Important things get done today, the rest can wait it’s turn
    18 When the road ahead gets bumpy I take a break, pump up my body and go again
    19 I’m not perfect but I survive
    20 My 6 year old self would not believe what he did in his lifetime
    21 I take each day with thanks to my body for surviving so I can enjoy life where I canda


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