A Book Review: Elton John’s ‘Me’

Elton John is renowned for his eccentric ways, including his fashion sense, and ability to simply not give a damn. Whether you are a fan of his music or not, it’s impossible not to find him intriguing at the very least. I happen to absolutely love Elton John and even more so now after devouring his autobiography within a week.

In the late 40’s, Reginald Dwight, who later became known to the world as Elton John, was born into the world. Brought up in the London suburb of Pinner by two parents whose individual relationships with him proved difficult, his story serves as a great inspiration to us all. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the artist remains transparent and truthful from start to finish. Dressed in completely mystifying clothes, openly homosexual and saying it how it was, the singer-songwriter shook society for good. Whether it was speaking out against the anti-gay policies in Russia at a concert in 2013 or being one of the first UK couples to form a civil partnership in 2005 with David Furnish, Elton John has been a huge asset to the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

‘Me’ highlights how daring to be different, and daring to be the absolute greatest, pays off to those willing to be vulnerable. From overcoming drug abuse and alcoholism to sex addiction, he has certainly been through it all. What strikes me throughout this book is the lack of filter. Here is an opportunity for him to portray himself as somebody who accidentally got mixed up with drugs and alcohol yet he doesn’t. He could so easily portray himself as a victim but he doesn’t. He tells the story as the leader of his own life. He tells the story as it played out and once more places himself open to vulnerability, which only makes the book more appealing.

From the Dwight family temper, as he terms it, causing him to storm off from Broadway previews of The Lion King to making the decision not to attend his biological father’s funeral, Elton John provides a sense of realness, relatability, and normality behind the act we see presented in extraordinary live shows and glamour.

After watching the biopic, ‘Rocketman’, I shouldn’t have expected anything less from Elton John’s autobiography, yet his story is so raw and touching. There are some stories that are good enough to be told and then there are stories in which you will return to hear again and again – this is one of them!

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