A Review – A Weekend Away at Burnbake Lodges

After returning from a long weekend away at Burnbake Lodges in Wareham, Dorset, I have decided to share our wonderful experience. Our stay was out of this world and I cried all the way home (this isn’t uncommon for me when it comes to the end of a holiday…)

Due to COVID-19 and the thorough cleaning that is now required for the lodges, our check-in was between 5 and 7pm (standard time for all check-ins there at the moment). After almost being blown away by the winds on our visit to Lulworth Cove, the thought of climbing into a hot tub was on par with the excitement of Christmas day arriving.

Scenery surrounding our tucked away hot tub

Driving down the straight, narrow country lane that led to our destination, I was reminded of the Summer camp from the ‘Parent Trap’. It felt nostalgic despite the fact that I had never once attended a Summer camp, let alone one that was surrounded by tall standing trees and animals. The car bobbed along slowly as it rolled over uneven grounds leading to our lodge, number 14, ‘Noggets’ tucked away and immersed in greenery.

Their virtual tours had certainly provided us with a high expectation for our stay but somehow, the reality completely exceeded this. I never knew how much I had missed out on by not having a cosy, modern lodge in the woods with a hot tub waiting to be used right on our back door step in my life… Of course, it is a luxury rather than reality. After lockdown coming into place in March and adapting to a life where masks are a necessity in shops and restaurants as well as other elements, having a break from everything was just what was needed.

The delicious Koeksisters dessert

We were provided with a fresh, home-baked loaf as well as eggs, bacon and milk sourced locally which made for a wholesome breakfast. It certainly made the unfamiliar early rises for my partner (who loves his lie-ins) a lot more appealing! As for myself, I tend to be an early-riser but I found myself excited to get up and out into the hot tub whilst the birds tweeted above and squirrels rustled in the shrubbery surrounding Noggets.

On our second night we ventured into Poole which was a 40 minute drive to a beautiful African restaurant called Zim Braai where we tasted the best dessert in the world (as well as our main courses) – Koeksisters, a sweet pastry drenched in syrup, almost like a doughnut but better in my opinion. After leaving with full tummies, we took a drive into Sandbanks to gawp at all the luxurious houses whilst trying our hardest to spot Harry Redknapp’s home…

Our view from a round of Pirates’ mini golf in Swanage

When we weren’t out exploring the seaside situated only 10 minutes down the road, we lounged in our robes provided by Burnbake whilst sipping tea on the decking or drinking a couple glasses of gin… (beer in his case!) Swanage is a scenic spot worth visiting and we found the people there to be friendly and lovely, although make sure to come prepared for the £1.50 fee per adult to gain entry on to the lengthy pier. We played a round of mini golf overlooking various shades of reflective greens and blues, sadly I lost!

The weekend away at Burnbake Lodges was nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I’ve never felt so at home in a place that wasn’t my own and this really allowed me to fully relax and embrace waking up without reaching for my phone in search of emails and social media notifications, I was too preoccupied with the thought of getting into a hot tub as a means of waking me up!

To find out more about Burnbake Lodges, please click here!

For any business enquiries or feedback please get in touch.

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