7 Ways to Practise Kindness To Yourself – Bath Mind, World Mental Health Day 2020

After a chaotic year filled with experiencing a pandemic for the first time and adapting accordingly, mental health support has grown in demand. Bath Mind have been working all year round to provide mental health support from community services to crisis telephone support. In this year’s World Mental Health Day they are celebrating better mental health by encouraging kindness, this blog post aims to provide you with an array of ideas of ways in which you can practise kindness to yourself – beyond world mental health day.

  1. Take a walk outside and notice your surroundings

Being amongst nature or even your favourite location is a great way to practise kindness to yourself. Often we prioritise family, work, or school above taking time out for ourselves. Taking a walk outside is an effective way to have some time to yourself (or spend time with a loved one) free from notifications and demanding emails.

Bath Mind have created a map of all the beautiful green locations in the city, you can find it here!

2. Write a kind letter to yourself

When was the last time you spoke kind words to yourself? When was the last time you followed the same wise advice you willingly give to friends and family in need? Writing a letter to yourself is the perfect way to prompt kind thoughts and you’ll feel a little lighter for doing so. Grab a piece of paper, a pen and take 10 to 30 minutes to write a loving letter of kindness to yourself expressing all the things you like about yourself. Keep it somewhere safe and read back over it in times of need.

3. Make a list of all the compliments/words of kindness you have received

We can receive a thousand compliments in a day but it will always be the one negative comment that our brain hones in on, analysing for days, or even weeks. When this plays on an existing insecurity, it’s hard to let it go over our heads and all the other praising words and thank you’s are temporarily forgotten. Using the notes feature on your phone or a small notebook you can carry around, jot down every single word of kindness you receive. Whether it’s in work, school, university, on your daily commute, or from a loved one, keep them all stored safely to return to when doubt starts to trickle in.

4. Hydrate yourself

As the nights get longer and the days become shorter, drinking water becomes less of a priority and hot cups of tea or coffee a preference to warm up icy hands. But, hydration is crucial ALL year round, especially when caffeine intake increases (this tends to dehydrate us!) It may sound simple but dehydration can leave us feeling lethargic which of course can impact carrying out day-to-day tasks. There are various apps available for setting reminders to hydrate and tracking your intake.

5. List down all the things you are grateful for

Expressing gratitude for what makes us happy is an excellent grounding tool. Sometimes when we face difficult times, we forget about the people who love us, the TV shows that make us laugh, and how good a hot shower can feel. That’s not to say we aren’t allowed to feel what we’re feeling because we have things to feel grateful for, it’s about placing focus on our gratitude’s.

6. Forgive yourself

More often than not we are our own worst enemy and it is us that gives ourselves the hardest time. We dwell on things of past, whether small or large and scrutinize every fine detail of our flaws. What about forgiving yourself? What about relieving yourself of the harsh words repeated in your mind and freeing yourself from the self-hate to live the life you desire? There is no greater act of kindness than forgiving one’s self after all.

7. Embrace your flaws

Even the seemingly perfect idols we look up to have flaws, they may be able to smooth external features over with photoshop and filters but nobody is perfect. Flaws don’t have to be an element of ourselves to frown upon, they could in fact be one of our greatest strengths. You are unique in every single way and THAT is what makes you wonderful.

For the full details on how to get involved with Bath Mind this World Mental Health Day visit the below:

To find out more about Bath Mind and their services, click here!

For any business enquiries with myself, please get in touch today.

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.

One thought on “7 Ways to Practise Kindness To Yourself – Bath Mind, World Mental Health Day 2020

  1. You always cheer me up with your Blogs. They hit where they are needed. So just for once here is a light hearted reply to todays Blog. 1/ Walk outside? in this Heavenly waterfall? 2/ wrote to myself and said Get of your backside and do the ironing Gus. 3/ Hey ! You’ve had a haircut – Don’t know which one as you don’t have many anyway 4/ Doubled the water in each whisky tonight. 5/ I’m alive, 6/ Sorry I caused so much damage to my body over 83 years. It should have ducked faster. 7/ Hugged aching legs and rubbed Deep Heat into my back.


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