A Book Review – The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan

Books are my favourite source of escapism and Ruth Hogan’s ‘The Keeper of Lost Things’ has certainly provided that for me over the last five days – the small time it took to devour this beauty. As is often the case, I am late again to this read that was originally published in 2016/17 but this has got to stand out as one of my favourite 2020 reads so far.

After tragically losing his soon-to-be wife as well as a keepsake belonging to her on the same day, Anthony Peardew seeks comfort in returning lost items found on train carriages, park benches and more to their supposed worried owners. After the passing of Peardew, the mission to reconcile owners with their items lies in the hand of Padua’s (Peardew’s home) house assistant Laura, recently divorced and alone in her 40s. With help from a young girl with down syndrome called Sunshine and Peardew’s gardener, Freddy, Laura sets up a website for the purpose of reuniting owners with their lost things. Ruth Hogan takes the reader on a journey filled with love and loss, friendships and relationships, .

Throughout the book, we join Eunice’s journey who happens to have stumbled across Peardew’s beloved keepsake on the day it went missing. How the paths of Eunice and Laura end up crossing is for you to find out!

My general concentration is lacking at the moment due to personal matters but I found myself immersed into this story with Freddy, Sunshine, Laura, Anthony, Eunice and Bomber from the first page to the last. Whilst experiencing a challenging time, it’s important for me to find a book that allows me to escape into another world where I can feel hate, pity, or love towards characters as though they were real people, and Ruth Hogan successfully provided that.

Being completely honest, it’s hard to find something that I disliked about this book. I felt hooked throughout and there’s now a gap needing to be filled to replace such a wonderful read – the love/hate relationship with books IS real! Although I did purchase this as an e-book for my kindle, the cover is a radiant picture of flowers and lost items in shades of pinks and greens and would add a pop of colour to any standard bookcase.

This gripping, wholesome work of literary fiction is the perfect excuse to cosy up on an Autumn evening with a cup of tea and some spiced candles. You can find Ruth Hogan’s ‘The Keeper of Lost Things’ here on Amazon.

Ciao for now x

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