No More Blogging With Gwen? Blog Update!

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The headline is a little dramatic but I have decided to rebrand my content as I angle towards a fresh a new approach on my blog space. I made this blog at the age of 17, I didn’t envision nor plan where I wanted it to go and so ‘Blogging With Gwen’ was born. I am now 21 and the name just feels wrong, it doesn’t seem to match up with who I am or what I do anymore. It’s helped me get to where I am today but as I look into my future and the goals that I have, this name change was one of many that needed to be done.

From now on I will be posting within three sections on my website, ‘Positive News’, ‘Inspiring Stories’ and ‘Blog’. The ‘Positive News’ section will aim to highlight the GOOD that is happening in the world right now. I am struggling to read or watch the news at the moment as it just seems to be one horror story after the next. Of course, I know we are in the midst of a pandemic but you have to search long and hard just to get a glance at some positivity.

‘Inspiring Stories’ isn’t so much a new one as I’ve featured many interviews on this site before, but this time I’d like to write about normal people who are inspiring or are doing inspirational things. Under this section will be a variety of topics covered such as influential women, body positivity, stories of courage and more. I find reading stories of success and inspiration to be a great way to motivate myself and spark ideas of my own, especially when approaching a bump in the road. If you have a story of greatness that you’d like me to write about, please do get in touch!

And the good news is, depending on how much you do (or if at all) read my blog is that it will still feature underneath the ‘Blog’ section. Under this section I will continue to write my words of wisdom and random rants as well as book reviews.

I’m not sure what the future of ‘The Inspired Narrative’ looks like right now but I hope you will stay with me in the meantime. As always, if you have any business enquiries or would simply like to get in touch, please contact me.

Ciao for now x

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Wellbeing writer, host for The Inspired Narrative podcast and mental health support worker.

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