World’s First Dementia-Friendly Channel is Launched

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My Life Films is the first to launch a Video on Demand streaming service for people with dementia, ‘My Life TV’, through use of programmes that have been created or adapted for cognitive needs. The not-for-profit service will target isolated, unoccupied people with dementia to stay stimulated and connected to the world whilst also improving their mental health and supporting essential care in care homes and at home.

The service was developed as a response to the decline in wellbeing of people with dementia in care homes and individuals, leaving many isolated alone in their bedrooms for hours at a time. Trialled in November by 24 people with dementia from two care homes in London, the service received outstanding feedback with nearly all participants saying the service could improve psychological wellbeing, and numerous care workers commenting that it had helped them deliver routine care.

Fiona Saadat, Manager of one of the two care homes who took part in the pilot elaborated, “The channel put a smile on our residents’ faces and had so many positive impacts; helping them to relax, jogging their memory, energising them, improving residents’ communication and relationships with each other and with staff, and reducing feelings of loneliness. It helped staff to deliver routine care, enabling them to manage behaviour that challenges and make residents more compliant with eating and taking medication. I would highly recommend it to all care homes.”

As dementia progresses, it becomes harder for the person with it to pay attention to tasks, topics or goal-orientated behaviour. Difficulty concentrating is a common and challenging symptom that most people with dementia share, according to LiveBetterWith.

Founder of ‘My Life Films’, Jörg Roth also commented in the press release, ““Everyone loves watching TV, but sadly this becomes impossible for people with dementia, as cognitive impairment stops them from enjoying regular TV shows. That’s why we have created My Life TV, giving them a way to keep watching TV and be entertained. It could be a lifeline for people with dementia, particularly during COVID-19.”

My Life Films is a charity that aims to improve the lives of people affected by dementia through filmmaking. Their service, ‘My Life TV’ is currently available with an introductory offer – a free three-month trial and then charged £4 on a monthly basis. All profits will go back into My Life Film’s charitable services of improving the lives of those affected by dementia, delivered for free.

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