Psychic Nancy Mello Reunites Lost Pets With Owners

Two dogs looking up with blue sky background
Nancy with relieved dog mom Ali, and Kona, who was missing for 24 hours.

In the last 12 months, Nancy Mello has helped find twenty animals and has worked with more than 300 others including a Bearded Dragon named Nala, a green tree frog named Toad, and a chicken called “Mama.” A psychic and clairvoyant of 2 years, Nancy worked to help people connect with lost loved ones as a Medium. Her life changed in March when an Instagram message brought her news that a black Maltese Yorkie Mix was missing, leaving behind owners desperate for help. With an existing passion for animals, Nancy stepped in and twelve hours later, Oliver was found.

Nancy has since worked with several organizations, including Four Wands Wildlife in Vermont and Love of Collies and Shelties in Virginia. What began as an extraordinary ability that Nancy kept to herself blossomed when she realized the positive impact her work was having on pet owners, including healing “dogs labelled as ‘problems'”.

Nancy recalls the period of time in her life, when she realised the power she held, “Professionally, I started working as a psychic since February of 2019 but I have been a psychic my entire life, I can remember being as young as three years old and playing with “imaginary friends.” As a teenager, I heard people speaking to me in my head. When I told my mom, I was sent straight to a psych ward and put on very heavy doses of antipsychotic medications. It wasn’t until my early twenties that I really came to terms with my ability being truth and not “crazy.”

With a military spouse and children to care for, the pressure of being the friend who people could turn to when they wanted a message from a loved one that had passed on or clairvoyant advice mounted, leaving Nancy experiencing deep depression and becoming suicidal. She reflects on this time that led her to start up her own business, “I realized then that holding my abilities inside was doing more harm than good, and that if it was helping people, I needed to be honest. I had a long talk with my husband and I explained how I felt. “If it helps you, do it.” he said. Within a month of launching my business my depression and anxiety lifted. The more people I was able to help, the more I started to understand the root of my own depression.” 

She plans to continue her work with people and animals, stating that the two – mediumship and animal communicating – tend to hand-in-hand with each other, “I will be connecting with someone that has passed over and they will show me a family dog that they grew up with (that I had no possible way of knowing) or I’ll work with a dog that has passed over and a sweet older lady will be with them and it turns out to be a Grandmother. Before COVID-19 I was traveling around the United States doing in-person readings, and I would love to continue that. I would also love to give readings to bigger audiences and reach people I wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise through talks.”

A collection of photos of pets Nancy has helped find.

The new shift in her work has improved Nancy’s work, she comments, “It’s expanded my empathy. People tend to be less guarded with their emotions when it comes to their pets. I have held many virtual hands and sat with many as they have cried as we have talked about a pet that has passed over. It’s also expanded my joy. Video chatting with a recently found pet ranks up on my top three favourite things to do. The look of joy on a person’s face after their pet is found is indescribable, and I am privileged to be a part of those experiences. Over all, working with animals has led me to a brighter, more joyful life.”

To find out more about Nancy Mello’s work or to book a session with her, click here.

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