Shay Purser on: Men’s Mental Health and Battling Mental Health


It was lovely to catch up with an old school friend who I hadn’t seen nor spoken to for a good five years to record this podcast episode. Shay Purser is a 21-year-old professional wrestler and twitch streamer from Cardiff in the United Kingdom. Shay has faced and overcome many battles in the last five years, including dealing with sexual abuse and poor mental health that resulted because of this. Men’s mental health is at crisis point, according to data by the Mental Health Foundation, men aged 40-49 have the highest suicide rates in the UK. Shay kicked off my first guest feature podcast episode perfectly through being open and honest about his experiences in the hopes that it may bring comfort to somebody else.

Shay also discusses various sides of wrestling that are unknown to many, both within the wrestling community and outside of it. For the last month, he has also been running a Twitch stream to raise money for local food banks. Next month the focus will be on mental health. Check out his Twitch stream here –

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