Bev Jones ON: Burnout, Self-Care and Escaping the Corporate World


Welcome back to another episode of The Inspired Narrative. On today’s episode I am joined by Bev Jones who experienced burnout and poor mental health 11 years ago. Incredibly, Bev decided to turn her negative experience on its head and build a life that she is proud of and that brings her joy as well as those she helps. Bev is currently longest serving champion for Time to Change Wales and continues to openly discuss her experiences of mental health and utilise her life coaching diploma to help others who are struggling. 

I have to apologise for parts of this podcast where the quality is quite low, I hate to admit to being an amateur but I am still finding my feet with this podcast hosting and I made the mistake of recording in a large room which meant there was a lot of background noise! Regardless of this small aspect, I hope you enjoy this episode and find Bev as inspiring as I did!

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