The Digital Pop-up Van Spreading Joy This Valentine’s Weekend

Amy Broch holding colourful 'love' sign
Creator of JOY Bomb London, Amy Broch

This Valentine’s weekend, a digital van will spreading love through London with its digital message board. JOY Bomb London will be sharing letters and gratifications of love and joy through the use of art.

Creator of JOY Bomb, Amy Broch has always been a creative person and began creating installations around her marital home after her husband was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2018. Amy would make these installations for birthdays, Christmas or to simply make her husband laugh. In May 2020, Amy’s husband sadly passed away, leaving JOY Bomb London as a platform to continue creating whilst honouring the memory of Amy’s husband, Sean and their love for one another. The motive behind each multi-sensory installation is to make the memorable moments happy ones.

Image by JOY Bomb London

Encouraging self-love and spreading love has never been more important given the current climate. Amy comments, “Love is being vulnerable – even when it comes to yourself. It hasn’t been easy for anyone over the last year but finding ways to do things you love, loving yourself and others, is a great place to start.”

Their Valentine’s Day installation will be the third one in less than six months, as well as the third installation during a global pandemic. Amy elaborates, “Happy characters and positive messages have made even the most hardened of the general public smile. I didn’t even realise the 360 effect it would have on me – seeing people in real time respond to my work with a quick smile – it’s like a re-occurring circle of JOY.”

The digital pop-up van will encourage individuals to address their relationship with themselves through kindness and messages of gratitude to themselves.On the 13th and 14th of February, the digital van will be thanking workers of the NHS and care homes for their “selfless work over Valentine’s weekend”.

JOY Bomb London writes in their press release, “So blow yourself up with compliments, stroke your own ego, buy yourself that thing you have been longing for and throw a log on your own JOY fire. We want you to worship at the altar of YOU and appreciate yourself for the magnificent, formidable creature you are. Start by picking up a pen and writing a love letter to yourself.”

Proceeds from each installation support the Healy Centre for ALS in memory of Amy’s late husband, Sean. It is the largest hospital-based research program globally and supports early-stage trials of promising ALS treatments.

Submissions for ‘Love Letters are still open until the 17th of February and can be sent via @joybomblondon on Instagram DM and via email to Stay tuned for messages which will be shared on their Instagram between the 11th and 15th of February. To request the digital van to visit your hospital or care centre, email

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